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20 December 2021

Christmas Opening Hours

We are closed from 1:00 pm on Wednesday 22nd December until Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Our first day open after the Christmas break will be Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Email enquiries will be monitored during the break and responded to as soon as possible.


We would like to wish all our customers grateful thanks for all their support in 2021 and send our best wishes to you all for a fabulous Christmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year, Thank you!

14 December 2021

Cosy Nights in a Motorhome

Chausson 660 Night time
Model shown: Chausson 660 Exclusive Line

Motorhoming isn't just for the summer months!

With some camping sites open all year round it has become a popular choice for campers who prefer to get away from all the chaos that Christmas can bring, so choosing to pack up a motorhome and look for somewhere quiet is a possibility!

What could be cosier that preparing a slow cooked casserole, setting the heating to a snug temperature, and going for a lovely dog walk around some of the prettiest landscapes throughout the UK. Then on returning to your motorhome having the aroma of freshly cooked food and the motorhome all nice and warm.

Spending the evening in a heated motorhome watching TV or getting out a board game with a bottle of wine or drinking hot chocolate away from the distractions of the daily grind is peaceful bliss and the down time that many of us crave.

Modern motorhomes such as Chausson have been designed to withstand all types of weather with air conditioning for the scorching summer nights and dual heating to warm the motorhome for the colder autumn/winter nights.

Chausson Motorhomes come equipped with two options to heat the motorhome, you can opt to use the gas cylinder or use the engines fuel.

There are many pros to using the engines fuel for heating the motorhome, firstly fuel is available all over the world and is cost effective using just 0.5 litres per hour to heat the whole vehicle. It can also be used while on the road, a gas cylinder will need to be shut off while driving for safety reasons in the event there is an impact. With the fuel choice it also means that you will not need to exit the motorhome on a cold evening to change over a gas cylinder should it run out.

Chausson Motorhomes use i.R.P technology which provides better insulation so you can be confident that the motorhome will stay warm when you’re on a road trip in the colder months.

If you have any questions about Chausson Motorhomes, please feel free to contact our showroom on 01227 289111 or browse our New Chausson Motorhomes Stock List.

13 December 2021

Used Chausson Handover

Jacquie and Andrew are pictured taking delivery of their first Chausson motorhome, an immaculate used Chausson 768 Titanium Premium with just one previous owner from TC Motorhomes (Chausson’s only solus Chausson motorhome dealer in the UK).

Jacquie who owns a successful business in West Sussex breeding Cockapoo’s and who currently has 9 puppies to take care of, so is limited to when they can go on their first road trip in the UK.

However, once the puppies leave and go to their forever homes, Jacquie and Andrew are looking forward to some well-earned `down` time with their new Chausson motorhome.

Shane and his colleagues at TC Motorhomes would like to thank Jacquie and Andrew for their valued order and support.

If you are looking for a New Motorhome or  Used Motorhome and would like to know more please contact one of the team on 01227 289111.

30 November 2021

Chausson Ford Chassis

Motorhome displayed: Chausson S514 on a Ford Chassis.

The Mighty Ford Transit

Goes From Strength To Strength 

The emergence and huge success of the New FORD TRANSIT as a popular  'base' vehicle for many European motorhomes, has surprised us all who once upon a time might have believed that FIAT`s motorhome monopoly was cast in stone.

Ford Motor Company are striving to offer a real alternative for new Motorhomes, with more power and specification than many of it`s rivals, and a more car-like 'feel' with excellent ergonomics, aided by comprehensive seating adjustments and a steering wheel that can adjust telescopically as well as in height too.

Standard Ford specifications on most New Chausson motorhomes in 2022 will include the impressively smooth and reliable 6 x Speed Automatic transmission with Hill-Start assist, the powerfully robust 2.0 170 bhp engine, ABS Brakes, ASR Anti-Slip system, ESP ( Dynamic Trajectory Control ) ,  Twin Air Bags, Cruise & Speed Control, Stop-Start, and Electronically Assisted Power Steering.

Chausson Motorhomes, one of the most popular imported motorhome ranges into the UK,  continue to dominate the UK market with an impressive range of vehicles, with innovative space saving designs and quality finishing firmly believe in offering consumer choice,  and so are committed to providing both chassis options, ( Fiat & Ford ) on the majority of Chausson models, however acknowledge that demand for the Ford Transit as the base vehicle for New Chaussons is off the scale ! .

For more information about the Chausson New Motorhomes for 2022, Or indeed for the Fiat or Ford chassis that we use, don’t hesitate to contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes.

18 November 2021

How to watch TV in a Motorhome

Motorhome shown is the Chausson 660 Exclusive Line.

The Creature Comforts of Home, In A Motorhome

When the weather turns nasty, your sat in your motorhome And wanting to watch TV.

It is possible to set up a TV system, which will work in your motorhome using a 12-x volt power supply from the motorhome leisure battery.

With a TV aerial fitted to the roof of the motorhome, (Status and Maxview are two of the most popular brands) and a 12-x volt signal booster between the aerial and a Motorhome 12 x volt TV, it is possible that that a good selection of the Freeview channels will be available to you.

Most modern 12 x volt TV`s, (Vision Plus and Avtex are two of the most popular brands) will have a DVD drive fitted, and so if the tv signal is too weak you can always watch a favourite DVD.

12 x volt Satellite Dishes are an alternative to the 12-x volt tv aerial, but are comparatively expensive to buy and have fitted, and need a 12-x volt signal de-coder, (often de-coders are now built-in to a modern 12 x volt tv`s).

Roof mounted satellite dishes also need `line-of-sight` and so are not dependable if your Motorhoming among the trees, or with other obstacles in the way.

A more recent and increasingly popular method of watching tv, is streaming, … Motorhome Wi-Fi if you will!

With a Wi-Fi Hub fitted into the motorhome, both 4G and 5G systems are now available, you can stream your favourite programs.

Using a roof mounted aerial, and a sim card system, it is possible to stream TV, much like you do from home, with a top-up data system, akin to a mobile phone contract.

For more information on Motorhome Wi-Fi contact T C Motorhomes on 01227 289111.

09 November 2021

Motorhome Trips in the Autumn

Marshmallows being roasted on a firePhoto by Leon Contreras

Motorhome holidays are not just for the summer months. There are some fantastic locations around the UK that stay open all year, and some are even open at Christmas for those of you who just like to get away from all the fuss and have your own little adventure.

Chausson Motorhomes are designed for all types of weather and have IRP Technology built in. IRP technology designed with major innovation for improved insulation which gives your motorhome a better protection against the elements. New Chausson Motorhomes also come with a seven-year warranty for water tightness (conditional to a yearly inspection by a certified network member).

Camping and Caravan Club

The Camping and Caravan Club is an online community that covers the whole of the UK and offers its members discounts on stays in any of its Campsites. There is a small fee to join but the savings when booking places to go with your motorhome through their website pay for the initial signup fee.

If you are interested in having an Autumn Road trip in your motorhome you will find information on places to stay and opening times with booking information their website.

Visit Camping and Caravan Club website.


The Pitchup website is another favourite amongst our customers, like the Camping and Caravan club they have a search facility to find the perfect location to visit. There’s lots of information on the easy-to-use website.

Visit PitchUp website.

01 November 2021

Elddis Majestic Handover

Ali & Liz are pictured taking delivery of their Elddis Majestic 115 Motorhome from Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes, and after a detailed `hand-over` of the vehicle by David at TC`s, they were in the motorhome and away for a very first outing, which will include a trip to Battle and to see some live music whilst there.

Shane, David and all the team at T C Motorhomes thank Ali & Liz for their valued business, and congratulate them on joining the Motorhoming fraternity.

Click the link to view the latest Used Motorhomes in stock here at TC Motorhomes ,in Herne Bay.

14 October 2021

Motorhome frost damage prevention

Important - please note! frost damage prevention

To protect your internal water system from frost damage, it`s a good idea to drain down your motorhomes water system when not in use.

  1. Open all drain taps
  2. Open water heater / combi boiler safety drain valve
  3. Open water tank drain valve
  4. Open all water taps, and run the water pump for a short time,
  5. Leave the tap heads open, so that moisture can escape.

Allowing water in the internal water system to freeze, can and usually does cause damage to the components which inevitably will not be covered under your warranty.

Therefore, if there is any danger or threat of frost when the motorhome is not in use, (even for a short period) the water system must be drained.

In addition to draining all water out of your motorhome, here are some additional guidance notes:

  • Lower any drop-down beds if you have them, this will enable improved ventilation around the mattresses
  • Move seat cushions away from the walls
  • If possible, leave some `low-level` background heat in the motorhome, an oil-filled radiator is a popular choice

Should you require any specific advice or guidance, please contact our after-sales department on 01227 289111.

13 October 2021

Virtual Postcard!

Hi Shane, hope you and the team there are well. Was good to see your posting on Instagram with the guys from Chausson visiting. 
Anyways, thought id send you a virtual postcard, albeit somewhat belated… certainly making the most of the 640 and been away in it a lot.

Exterior view Chausson 640 Motorhome

Gorgeous weather from Norfolk, albeit a few weeks ago. Alice and Dad mini road trip.  Saturday and Sunday nights we stayed at Incleboro Fields CAMC site near Sheringham in Norfolk. Motorhome quick setup with teamwork, 20 mins from arriving, chairs are out and Alice sorted cupboards in a few minutes. Loving the 640, its so easy compared to towing our previous caravan which we did love, but just moved on and want to travel more. Weather in Norfolk was gorgeous.

Funny on the drive up to Norfolk, Alice really got into the swing of being expert waver at motorhomes coming in the other direction. I was informed i wave too late.. must be an age thing or maybe because i was intently concentrating on driving. I'll take the latter. Sheringham and Holt visits.... Steam train to holt, market on. First class carriage to ourselves. Note to myself, "Wild Norfolk" a very tasty pint - try and find locally.

Monday morning we pushed off from Incleboro and headed to White House Beach CAMC site at Kessingland, just south of Lowestoft for one night only. Couple of miles on route as we stopped at Cromer for a few hours. Parked the motorhome in the large carpark on top of the cliff just outside Cromer, another Chausson next to us and headed along the path with Flora toward the town. 

We saw the goats grazing on the cliff side, along the promenade, weird for sure, some kind of  goat that can also climb trees apparently.  Grabbed pot of cockles as made our way through town to the pier. One of the few piers that allows dogs.  After our couple of hours in Cromer, we hit the road and headed south east toward Lowestoft, our journey interrupted twice by stops at two Aldi stores in our search of Bao buns, those elusive but soft and tasty steamed buns that go so well with pulled pork. Slightly apprehensive about finding parking at Aldi it turned out pretty easy,  i just sat in the motorhome whilst junior went hunting for the bao buns. The search failed... we moved on, although shopping was not in vain as Alice returned with a small table for her flat. Not sure that was on the list, the danger of the magic aisle.

One night spent at White House Beach CAMC site at Kessingland which is right next to the beach. One side of the site is literally at beach edge. When we checked in we hoped to get onto that side but was not to be, "full up" the guy said. Some hours later we walked over there, an empty pitch.. but hey ho. The site is kind of in the middle of nowhere, a pub and a restaurant. The pub certainly didn't take Alices fancy and the restaurant, which looked ok and has very good reviews was shut. No matter to us as we had a motorhome full of food. 

After quickly setting up, which took no time at all as we travelled with pretty much everything in the cupboards we set about going for a walk along the beach. Beach is stony and broad, with a few scatterings of old fishing machinery from past times.  Shortly before midnight i had the idea to go to the beach side and see the ships out at sea lit up. Alice took a bit of convincing but graciously agreed and came with me. Something about looking out to sea at night with lights glinting in the distance. The sky unfortunately was overcast so no stars to see. Fifteen minutes later we were again back warm and cosy in the motorhome.

Leaving site the following day, we detoured via Southwold and parked up about two minutes walk from the pier, wouldn’t dreamed of parking up with our previous caravan. Ten motorhome bays. Southwold also allows dogs on the pier. Spent couple of hours or so in the town, including supporting a local fish and chip shop. Had to be done, but only a single portion of chips! 

Fantastic few days, in a fantastic motorhome with fantastic daughter. Motorhome makes it so easy to get away spontaneously.



12 October 2021


(Pictured: Nick Markl (Chausson`s UK Sales Manager), Pascal Lidome (Chausson`s Export Manager), Shane Catterick (Sales TC Motorhomes).

The entente cordial was `alive and kicking` at T C Motorhomes this week

When representatives from Chausson (the most popular imported motorhome brand to the UK) visited their only `Solus` Chausson Only Dealership, T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent, to congratulate them on a hugely successful year in what can only be described as ` difficult trading conditions`.

Pascal Lidome (Chausson`s Export Manager) and Nick Markl (Chausson`s UK Sales Manager) were keen to visit TC`s to discuss with Shane Catterick there the challenges and lessons of the past eighteen months, and the huge opportunities going forward for this terrifically popular and successful brand.

Fortunately, Lisa Hurst and her co- Baristas from the `Hat Hats Coffee Company` were on hand in `Hattie` the mobile Citroen `H` Coffee Van, to keep everyone there refreshed with fresh coffees and French pastries for the morning. 

For more information about the new range of 2022 visit: Chausson Motorhomes or alternatively contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes: 01227 289111.

29 September 2021

Chausson 788 Handover

Team `Jarman` are pictured taking delivery of their New Chausson 788 Titanium Premium Motorhome, From Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent.

They run a successful business together in Ramsgate, Which often means hard work and long hours, so having the motorhome will be a welcome release for the Jarmans to regularly get away for long weekends, and un-wind.

We wish them the lots of fun going on motorhome adventures with their lovely dogs!.. 

To learn more or register your interest on the latest 2022 Chausson Motorhomes click here

24 September 2021

Exciting News at TC Motorhomes

Interior view Chausson 660

Chausson’s performance in the UK, continues to go from strength to strength, with increasing numbers of buyers appreciating Chausson`s innovative styles, modern technologies, and fundamental understanding of what motorhomers need from their motorhomes, both in terms of ‘living’ space but also luggage and garage storage.

For the majority of Chausson Motorhomes in 2022, the VIP (Fiat) and Titanium (Ford) specifications continue, with Automatic Transmissions being fitted as standard equipment.

This reflects a growing demand from motorhomers for a more comfortable, relaxed, and enjoyable driving experience.

In addition to the hugely successful model line-up last year, we have a few new models from Chausson for 2022, including the fantastic new compact Chausson X550 Exclusive model, built on the Fiat chassis with manual or automatic transmission available.

Strengthening the already hugely successful and popular partnership with Ford, Chausson have announced 3 x exciting additions to our range of Chausson’s in 2022, including 2 x new `S` Line derivatives, S 514, and S 697 as well as the 660 Exclusive Line.

View more information about the New 2020 Chausson Motorhomes.

Motorhome Offer - Chausson 708

Chausson 708 Motorhome Offer

Chausson 708 Premium now comes with Free £1000 of Dealer fitter accessories.

The Chausson 708 Premium Motorhome is a fixed bed, 4 berth, 6 x speed manual under 7.10 metres in length.

A 4-x berth (rear island bed) with a Fiat Ducato base, 140 bhp and a six-speed manual transmission as standard, smart lounge with optional electric drop-down double bed above the lounge. There are also 2 x belted travelling seats below the bench sofas, that can be folded up and out into position when required.

Additional factory specification includes engine upgrade to 140 bhp, 16" black matt alloy wheels, daytime running lights, fog lamps, leather covered steering wheel & gear knob, drop-down double bed, prestige faux-leather seat covers, reversing sensors & winter pack.

New Chausson Motorhomes Arriving Soon

We have now begun listing the first of our New 2022 CHAUSSON Motorhomes in our `Arriving Soon` section and will be adding both the detailed specifications and any relevant price information to each vehicle listing as soon as it becomes available to us.

We also look forward to receiving our first 2022 Chausson Motorhomes before the end of this year.

Why not take this opportunity to `Register Your Interest` and receive regular updates on the model(s) of your choosing?

Chausson have certainly been very busy planning and implementing an exciting range of innovative, modern well-built Motorhomes for the UK marketplace in 2022, and have succeeded in evolving and improving already established models in the range. 

In addition, however, have still found it possible to announce some very exciting Brand-New Models for the new season.

Watch out for the `S` Series Low Profile motorhomes like the all-new S 514 and S 697 `First Line` derivatives, coming to T C Motorhomes towards the end of this year.

So, courtesy of the Chausson teams in Tournon, France, we have lined up for you the most impressive selection of different layouts for the 2022 season, the majority of which will be built on one of two alternative platforms / engine – gearbox combinations.

Firstly, the Fiat Ducato motorhome chassis, with a 2.3 ltr engine producing 140 BHP together with the all-new 9 x Speed Automatic Gearbox fitted as standard equipment on most models, and the Ford Transit motorhome chassis with a 2.0 ltr engine producing a massive 170 BHP and fitted with the superb 6 x Speed Automatic Gearbox as standard equipment, again on `most models`.

To find out more information on the New Chausson Motorhomes for 2022 or register your interest visit: Chausson Motorhomes or to browse our stock list visit 

For more details of specific engine gearbox combinations please contact us on: Telephone: 01227 289111 or message us via TC Motorhomes Contact.

03 September 2021

Chausson 640 Handover

Ken and Marie from Cornwall are pictured taking delivery of their New Chausson 640 Titanium Premium Motorhome, From Pete Oliver at T C Motorhomes In Herne Bay Kent.

Ken confirmed that with family contacts in the area, a Herne Bay purchase made perfect sense for them, and that the decision to purchase from TC's , was made easier because of the excellent reputation that TC Motorhomes enjoy ..

19 August 2021

Motorhome Offer - Chausson 767 GA

MOTORHOME OFFER! Our new un-registered CHAUSSON 767GA comes complete with your choice of FREE £1000 DEALER ACCESSORIES.

The Chausson 767 GA is a low-profile motorhome, with large forward ‘Smart-Lounge’ featuring fold away seat-belted 'smart seats'. This one has the optional ‘Drop-Down’ bed over the lounge, and as a result It can sleep up to 5 x persons, however, has belted travelling seats for 4.

To complete the layout, at the rear there of the 767 GA there are two large single beds, that can be converted to a large double bed when required. There is also a mid-kitchen, and a large combination wet room.

This Chausson 2020 767 GA PREMIUM is on the terrifically popular Ford Motorhome Chassis with extra wide rear track for improved stability. It also has an impressive factory specification, including an engine upgrade to 170 bhp, Diffused Silver metallic finish on the cab, the VIP and Premium Option Packs, alloy road wheels, Automatic Transmission, Daytime Running Lights, Hideaway Drop-Down Bed over the lounge / dining smart-lounge, Reversing Sensors and Winter Pack.

As well as the excellent specification mentioned above, we also include up to £1000 of dealer fitted accessories of your choice. 

Dealer fitted accessories include, Awning, Bick Rack, External Electric Socket, Fiamma security door lock/bar, Fiamma security safe door, Gaslow refillable LPG system, 2nd Leisure battery, reversing aid sensors, reversing camera, solar panel, TV aerial.

For more information and to book a viewing visit: New Chausson Motorhome

09 August 2021


Chausson C514 Motorhome of The Month!

Our new un-registered Chausson C514 comes complete with your choice of dealer accessories to the value of £1000, included in the `on-the-road` screen price of £53,995.

At just under 6 x meters the Chausson C514 is one of the most compact `go-anywhere` 4 x berth motorhomes available. and when it comes to night-time, it has the benefit of 2 x established double beds at either end of the motorhome, so a goodnights sleep is assured for all, and the bit in the middle? the washroom, kitchen and lounge / dinette are accessible for those early risers in search of an early morning coffee without disturbing those still in slumber!

The Chausson C514 also has a large garage beneath the rear height adjustable double bed.

All that variety, in a modern motorhome on the fabulous Ford Transit chassis.

Visit Chausson Motorhomes to learn more or please call T C Motorhomes on 01227 289111.

09 July 2021

The Importance of Regular Motorhome Servicing

The annual Motorhome Habitation Inspection / Service is designed to check that the equipment on board your Motorhome is working correctly, and to ensure that there are no hazards, safety or otherwise that might affect your enjoyment, or the integrity and durability of your motorhome. 

With excellent on-site facilities here at T C Motorhomes, and modern mechanical and habitation workshops, and with factory trained technical staff, we can undertake most servicing and MOT`s at TC's.

Typically, both services ( Engine & Habitation ) and if applicable an MOT test can be completed in a day, and most of our customers will generally take a ride into Canterbury, Herne Bay (our nearest town) or Whitstable to while away the hours. 

For the dog owners among you, there are some superb coastal walks where you can take your pooch!  

And for those preferring to drop-off and leave their motorhome from one weekend to the next, we can oblige, we have the space, and given the time we will endeavor to treat your motorhome to a wash and hoover whilst it`s with us. 

At this time of year regrettably we have a back log, so be sure to book early! Call: 01227 289111.

Motorhome and Caravan Show

The Motorhome & Caravan Show is rescheduled to 18–23 October 2022

The Organisers of the MCSHOW have taken the decision to reschedule the Motorhome & Caravan Show to 2022 and instead focus on the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show which will take place at the NEC on 22-27 February 2022. 

The Motorhome and Caravan show is a popular event for people new to motorhoming and the well established traveller. 

As well as the latest new motorhomes on the market the show feature lots of related stands. 

The Camping Destinations stands are a chance for you to speak to representatives from campsites and holiday parks to gather some more information and enquire about booking your camping holiday.

The Motorhome Accessories section of the show features a huge range of leisure accessories from the latest tech gadgets to out door clothing, there is something of interest to everyone who is planning a trip.

A Motorhome Manoeuvring or a Caravan Towing lesson are offered for free at the show for people who would like the experience and to see if its for them.

If you plan to visit the next show it is a good idea to search for campsites located close to the NEC because it is worth buying a full weekend ticket so you get the chance to visit all the stands. Although there are parking spaces at the show for motorhomes. You can find out more on their website:

When the motorhome show returns to normal, being an official Chausson Motorhome Dealership, we will be available to speak to at the Chausson Stands. 

We will keep you updated with the latest news regarding the motorhome and caravan show on our social channels.

07 July 2021

Chausson 640 Handover Walk-through

After you have purchased a Motorhome from us and when the Motorhome is ready for collection, we will contact you to book an appointment so we can walk you through the motorhome and its features and answer any questions you may have. 

In this video Shane is demonstrating the handover for a Chausson 640 Motorhome. 

This video may be handy for any of our previous Chausson 630, Chausson 640 and Chausson 650 2021 motorhome owners to use as a reference.

To view the latest Chausson Motorhomes we have in stock visit New Chausson Motorhomes in stock.

24 June 2021

Chausson X550 Review

Review of the amazing new motorhome that thinks it is a campervan - the Chausson X550 (2021).

There has been a lot of excitement with the release of Chausson's brand new Motorhome and Campervan cross the Chausson X550. 

It feels spacious like a motorhome when you are inside but due to its compact size drives like a campervan. 

We will be getting our X550 in stock very soon and you can be one of the first to view this new innovative model at our showroom in Herne Bay, to register your interest and be kept up to date with the latest news and alerted when it will be in stock visit Chausson X550 for more information. 

17 June 2021

Burstner Nexxo Sovereign Handover

Julie & Danny from Westgate are pictured taking delivery of their superb Burstner Nexxo Sovereign Motorhome from T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay.

With lots of planned weekends away Danny & Julie will soon be familiar with their motorhome, but having completed their handover at TC's didn’t get far before the sea-side beckoned, and a plate of Fish & Chips ensued!

Shane Catterick and his colleagues at TC's would like to thank Julie & Danny for their valued order, and support.

View our latest Used Motorhomes in Stock

20 May 2021

Chausson Handover and Review

Ian and Michelle are pictured picking up their new Chausson 640 Premium from us. They took the time to write us a really kind testimonial which you can read below. 

"After lots of research, and despite living 450 miles away we decided to part-exchange our motorhome, and buy our new Chausson 640 Premium from TC Motorhomes which I'm glad we did. We dealt with Shane from start to finish, and he is a credit to the company, very knowledgeable, never pushy, and very professional. The handover last Saturday was very thorough, everything on the vehicle was explained from top to bottom, and the several cups of coffee and biscuits offered were very welcome indeed. TC Motorhomes is the second motorhome company we have bought from, and compared to the previous dealer, the difference was chalk and cheese. Shane, and the other members of staff's friendliness, and professionalism completely overshadowed our previous experience, so you can be sure if you are thinking of buying a motorhome, TC Motorhomes is the first place to look, no matter where you live in the UK. Thanks again." 

Ian and Michelle

17 May 2021

TV Bracket / Mini Bar

Alternative use for a TV Bracket in a Chausson Motorhome!

Chausson owners have a reputation for being shrewd, innovative and pragmatic, and T C Motorhomes` customers  Mark & Trish from Nottingham are no exception..

Here is a classic example of all those qualities being put to good use, and from all of that positive energy, something innovative is born! 

14 May 2021

TC Motorhomes COVID Guidelines

Our dealership is now OPEN! and taking the first initial steps back to some normality as we come out of the Pandemic, and progressively recover old norms.

It will however be necessary in the interim to make an appointment to visit our dealership, to safeguard those wanting to come to our showrooms, and of course my colleagues in our workplace.

Distancing whilst on-site will of course be encouraged, and we will continue to sanitise our display vehicles and sales and workshop areas on a regular basis.

We will also continue to provide sanitiser and glove stations for all visitors to our showrooms.

For those wanting to visit our showrooms and explore the exciting range of New Chausson and Used Motorhomes that we sell, we look forward to welcoming you here.

If you’re interested in purchasing a used motorhome from us, we can generally complete our extensive service and preparation procedures within 10 – 14 days, so not too long to wait before taking to the road, and enjoying all the freedoms that motorhoming brings .

As the UK`s only `Solus` Chausson dealership, we also keep on site an excellent selection of New Chausson motorhomes, and stock is continually being replenished from the factories hard at work in Tournon and Sable, so it’s a rare occasion when we can’t supply the Chausson model of your choosing,  in a reasonable time frame. 

The fitting of any dealer accessories and the slightly laborious new motorhome registration procedures usually dictate a delay from order to collection, of about 3 x weeks.  

Plenty of time for you to visit your local retailer and stock up on new kitchen, bathroom and bedding equipment for the `pride & joy` that is your new motorhome. Bespoke `fitted` bedding is available from specialist on-line suppliers, please ask for details.

Whilst we anticipate Monday 12th April, and future dates around the relaxing of Covid rules, we continue to provide a `Reserve & Collect` service to customers wanting to purchase a new or used motorhome from the comfort of their own home.

So, if you don’t want to risk missing out on a new or used motorhome that you have seen on our listings, call us now for a personalised walk around of your preferred motorhome, and if at the end of that you are sufficiently encouraged to place your order, we will be pleased to process your purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns at how this might work for you, please call us now on 01227 289111

27 April 2021

Chausson Handover.

Mike & Jo are from Paignton in Devon, and are pictured taking delivery of their fantastic Chausson 640 Titanium motorhome, 

from Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent.

Their smiles confirm how delighted they both are to be embarking on a new way of holidaying,  a new way of  travelling and experiencing and exploring  pastures new ..the length and breadth of this country.

And who knows further afield once foreign travel returns to some normality.

Shane and his colleagues would like to thank Mike and Jo for their valued custom and support, and wish them well on their new motorhoming adventure!

15 April 2021

Cooking in a Motorhome.

Model shown is the Chausson 640 Special Edition on a Fiat Chassis.

When you are on a road trip cooking will be something that you will want to keep quick and simple as well as being tasty and nutritious. With limited space in comparison to your kitchen at home you may be wondering how you can achieve this.

The new 2021 Chausson motorhomes come with various options for cooking either internally and or externally for when it’s a nice day and you would like to spend as much time outside enjoying the sun while drinking a glass of wine!

Inside the motorhome there is a hob with an electric hot plate and 2 gas burners, a gas oven with an integrated grill and a fridge / freezer for storing fresh ingredients. Also, the kitchen section inside the motorhomes has an extendable shelf which can be extended and then collapsed when not in use. 

Please note, to use the electric hob you would need to have your motorhome plugged in to an external 240v power supply (which are available on most campsite pitches), if this isn't an option, for example you are wild camping then you have the various options which use gas. 

Outside cooking on a CADAC Cooker.

Externally the majority of new Chausson Motorhomes have an external gas supply which is ideal if you wish to use a Cadac type of cooker or a gas-powered portable BBQ, and with most new Chausson Motorhomes having a garage its not problem to store extra items you may wish to take with you on your adventures!

There are a lot of online resources to inspire you with quick and easy recipes. Simply searching "motorhome cooking recipes" in your preferred search engine will provide you with lots of ideas.

To start you off here are a few examples we have found online that will give you with some new recipes to try:

09 April 2021

Motorhomes Socially Distanced by Design.

Interior view of Chausson 640 Special Edition
Model shown: Chausson 640 Special Edition.

The self-contained, self-sufficiency of a modern Chausson motorhome is for many the ideal solution for taking holidays and spending quality time with partners, relatives, and friends.

If you choose to take a long weekend, or a 3 month tour the Motorhome gives you the space and freedom to tour, or simply to enjoy a short break without being reliant on others around you ... a desirable characteristic in normal times, let alone during a pandemic!

T C Motorhomes are re-opening their doors on Monday 12th April in a 1st step back towards normality. If you would like to arrange to view our range of New and or Used Motorhomes, please call us to confirm an appointment when you can visit.

We look forward to hearing from you ...

Alternatively, if you wish to peruse our stock from the comfort of your own armchair, you`ll find full descriptions, images, video`s and even 360 tours available on-line for most of our vehicle selection.

Click here to view New Chausson Motorhomes

We continue to provide a `Reserve & Collect` Service for those preferring to shop from home. For more information Click here You can still buy a motorhome.

For any questions please call: 01227 289111

Or email us at:

26 March 2021

Importance of Customer Service

If you are looking to purchase a New or Used Motorhome, you will want to choose a dealership that you can trust.
Customer service is important to us, we understand when you’re considering buying a motorhome that you will have lots of questions which will aid you to choose the right model for your requirements.
The team here at TC Motorhomes are always on hand to help!
Call 01227 289111 to speak to one of our specialists.

To find out what previous customers have thought about their experience with buying a motorhome from us, take a look at the latest review left on Google.

17 March 2021

The Importance of Regular Motorhome Servicing

The 2 year warranty on your new Chausson motorhome, requires that you have a Habitation Inspection every year to maintain the warranty. 

There-after at the very least, an annual Damp Inspection should be carried out by your Chausson Dealer to maintain the Chausson water ingress warranty of 7 years.

The Habitation Inspection is designed to check that the equipment on board your Chausson is working correctly, and to ensure that there are no hazards, safety or otherwise that might affect your enjoyment, or the integrity and durability of your motorhome.  

With excellent on-site facilities here at T C Motorhomes, and modern mechanical and habitation workshops, and with factory trained technical staff, we can undertake most servicing and repairs at T C `s.

Typically, both services and if applicable an MOT test can be completed in a day, and most of our customers will generally take a ride into Canterbury, Herne Bay  (our nearest town) or Whitstable to while away the hours.

For the dog owners among you, there are some superb coastal walks where you can take your pooch! Take a look at Reculver on TripAdvisor

For those preferring to drop-off and leave their motorhome from one x weekend to the next, we can oblige, we have the space, and given the time we will endeavor to treat your motorhome to a wash and hoover whilst it`s with us.

To book an MOT or a habitation check please contact us on 01227 289111.

04 March 2021

9 Road Trip Ideas in the UK

Scotland LandscapePhoto @v2osk

From Scotland's north coast to England's national parks, these are nine favourite picturesque road trips in the UK.

There’s no need to fly to the USA’s Route 66 or the Australian Outback for an epic road trip – the UK offers some of the most picturesque, otherworldly drives anywhere in the world. In Scotland, hardy travellers take on the wind-battered Highlands to be rewarded with some of the country’s most incredible scenery, while a jaunt along the coastal roads of the West Country allows for stops in salty beach towns and vast national parks. These are the nine best road trips in the UK, ranging from full-on adventurous to a more peaceful experience.

Read the full article 9 of the best Road Trips in the UK

28 January 2021

You can still buy a Motorome

Over recent months, the Motorhome industry has seen a huge rise in the use of the  `virtual tour` as prospective buyers continue to search for their ideal Motorhome during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Available to view 24 hours a day, online virtual tours are the perfect way to research a new or used  Motorhome, without having to leave the house, and if you have looked on-line and chosen your T C Motorhome, but want a personalised `walk-around` via Whatsapp or Facetime, we will be pleased to make this happen for you.

Call us now to reserve your chosen motorhome, and to organise your personalised tour: 01227 289111

or email us

27 January 2021

Can Pets Travel to Europe?

Chausson driving in village

New changes to traveling to the EU with your pet

Due to the changes that came with the UK leaving the EU, new rules apply to taking your pet abroad on holiday with you.

Anyone wanting to travel with their dog, cat or ferret will need to apply for a 'Health Certificate' under the new rules that came in to force on the 1st January 2021. 

The terms of the health certificate are as follows, 
  • Your pet must be microchipped
  • Must be over 12 weeks old
  • Vaccinated against rabbies and of waited 21 days for the vaccine to work
  • Dogs must be treated for tapeworm 24-120 hours before travel
  • The health certificate must be issued by your vet no more than 10 days before travel
Once issued, the Health Certificate will be valid for 10 days on entry in to the EU and is valid for 4 months, but you must return to Great Britain before the 4 months ends.

More information can be found here: Pet Travel to and from Great Britain.

03 January 2021

COVID Update.

As a result of a recent change in Government guidelines regarding Covid restrictions,

And so called `Freedom Day` on Monday 19th July,  we no longer require our guests to wear masks when on site,

Or to `self-distance`.

We look forward to seeing you soon ..

Updated 27th July 2021.

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