Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

30 November 2021

Chausson Ford Chassis

Motorhome displayed: Chausson S514 on a Ford Chassis.

The Mighty Ford Transit

Goes From Strength To Strength 

The emergence and huge success of the New FORD TRANSIT as a popular  'base' vehicle for many European motorhomes, has surprised us all who once upon a time might have believed that FIAT`s motorhome monopoly was cast in stone.

Ford Motor Company are striving to offer a real alternative for new Motorhomes, with more power and specification than many of it`s rivals, and a more car-like 'feel' with excellent ergonomics, aided by comprehensive seating adjustments and a steering wheel that can adjust telescopically as well as in height too.

Standard Ford specifications on most New Chausson motorhomes in 2022 will include the impressively smooth and reliable 6 x Speed Automatic transmission with Hill-Start assist, the powerfully robust 2.0 170 bhp engine, ABS Brakes, ASR Anti-Slip system, ESP ( Dynamic Trajectory Control ) ,  Twin Air Bags, Cruise & Speed Control, Stop-Start, and Electronically Assisted Power Steering.

Chausson Motorhomes, one of the most popular imported motorhome ranges into the UK,  continue to dominate the UK market with an impressive range of vehicles, with innovative space saving designs and quality finishing firmly believe in offering consumer choice,  and so are committed to providing both chassis options, ( Fiat & Ford ) on the majority of Chausson models, however acknowledge that demand for the Ford Transit as the base vehicle for New Chaussons is off the scale ! .

For more information about the Chausson New Motorhomes for 2022, Or indeed for the Fiat or Ford chassis that we use, don’t hesitate to contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes.

18 November 2021

How to watch TV in a Motorhome

Motorhome shown is the Chausson 660 Exclusive Line.

The Creature Comforts of Home, In A Motorhome

When the weather turns nasty, your sat in your motorhome And wanting to watch TV.

It is possible to set up a TV system, which will work in your motorhome using a 12-x volt power supply from the motorhome leisure battery.

With a TV aerial fitted to the roof of the motorhome, (Status and Maxview are two of the most popular brands) and a 12-x volt signal booster between the aerial and a Motorhome 12 x volt TV, it is possible that that a good selection of the Freeview channels will be available to you.

Most modern 12 x volt TV`s, (Vision Plus and Avtex are two of the most popular brands) will have a DVD drive fitted, and so if the tv signal is too weak you can always watch a favourite DVD.

12 x volt Satellite Dishes are an alternative to the 12-x volt tv aerial, but are comparatively expensive to buy and have fitted, and need a 12-x volt signal de-coder, (often de-coders are now built-in to a modern 12 x volt tv`s).

Roof mounted satellite dishes also need `line-of-sight` and so are not dependable if your Motorhoming among the trees, or with other obstacles in the way.

A more recent and increasingly popular method of watching tv, is streaming, … Motorhome Wi-Fi if you will!

With a Wi-Fi Hub fitted into the motorhome, both 4G and 5G systems are now available, you can stream your favourite programs.

Using a roof mounted aerial, and a sim card system, it is possible to stream TV, much like you do from home, with a top-up data system, akin to a mobile phone contract.

For more information on Motorhome Wi-Fi contact T C Motorhomes on 01227 289111.

09 November 2021

Motorhome Trips in the Autumn

Marshmallows being roasted on a firePhoto by Leon Contreras

Motorhome holidays are not just for the summer months. There are some fantastic locations around the UK that stay open all year, and some are even open at Christmas for those of you who just like to get away from all the fuss and have your own little adventure.

Chausson Motorhomes are designed for all types of weather and have IRP Technology built in. IRP technology designed with major innovation for improved insulation which gives your motorhome a better protection against the elements. New Chausson Motorhomes also come with a seven-year warranty for water tightness (conditional to a yearly inspection by a certified network member).

Camping and Caravan Club

The Camping and Caravan Club is an online community that covers the whole of the UK and offers its members discounts on stays in any of its Campsites. There is a small fee to join but the savings when booking places to go with your motorhome through their website pay for the initial signup fee.

If you are interested in having an Autumn Road trip in your motorhome you will find information on places to stay and opening times with booking information their website.

Visit Camping and Caravan Club website.


The Pitchup website is another favourite amongst our customers, like the Camping and Caravan club they have a search facility to find the perfect location to visit. There’s lots of information on the easy-to-use website.

Visit PitchUp website.

01 November 2021

Elddis Majestic Handover

Ali & Liz are pictured taking delivery of their Elddis Majestic 115 Motorhome from Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes, and after a detailed `hand-over` of the vehicle by David at TC`s, they were in the motorhome and away for a very first outing, which will include a trip to Battle and to see some live music whilst there.

Shane, David and all the team at T C Motorhomes thank Ali & Liz for their valued business, and congratulate them on joining the Motorhoming fraternity.

Click the link to view the latest Used Motorhomes in stock here at TC Motorhomes ,in Herne Bay.

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