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20 May 2020

Staycation, not so bad?

As lockdown eases its looking like the travel industry are going to allow campsites to open first, with Hotels still having some time to wait until they will be allowed to operate at full capacity.

Due to COVID being less infectious outside and the ability to social distance, camping is one of the safest options for anyone who is looking to get away.

Campsites have more space between occupants, with pitches often being spread out with over 5 meters distance between them.

Owning a motorhome and having the peace of mind to be self-contained means people can enjoy a staycation without the worry of cross contamination.

You will be sleeping in your own bed with your own bedding, cooking in your own  kitchen space with your own utensils and using your own bathroom without having to worry about how deep cleaned the facilities have been before your use them.

Motorhomes being a ‘home from home’ and giving you the ability to be self-contained in your own bubble,  means you can enjoy your holiday without the extra worry.

Here at TC Motorhomes we are seeing extra interest from people who are starting to recognise,  that owning a motorhome could be a great investment for people who like to travel, and explore pastures new.

There are lots of great locations around the UK, taking a look at various websites such as Travel SupermarketThe camping and caravan club,
you can get some great suggestions of places to visit in the UK, oh and there are many Country Pubs and Vineyards in the UK that are `Motorhome friendly` ..

Looking at places such as TripAdvisor as well means you can find some information from people who have already visited locations of interest,  along with adding some tips for your stay.

Due to the current economic situation in the UK as the lockdown eases it would be great to support British businesses,  who have been having a worrying time not knowing how and if things will ever get back to normal again.

Please note although you are currently allowed to use your motorhome to travel to other destinations you are still not allowed to camp out in your motorhome overnight away from your home, but hopefully the advisers will see fit to relax the travel rules further very soon.. Watch this space ...

16 May 2020

Smart Lounge

SMART LOUNGE is a very clever new lounge concept which provides wide open spacious comfort, Attractiveness and practicality, both on the road and when you are stopped ..

Each of the two inward facing bench sofas can easily be converted into forward facing, belted travelling seats, Both with Isofix fixings for some child seats. 

SMART LOUNGE is a feature in most of the New 2020 Chausson range.
For more details contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes
Phone: 01227 289111

11 May 2020

We are now open

Positive News

Dear Customer

Following the announcement last night by Boris Johnson PM, TC Motorhomes have re-opened and are taking Service, MOT and Cam-Belt Replacement bookings for Motorhomes, and also Service bookings for Touring Caravans, with immediate effect.

Please telephone us on 01227 289111 to secure the earliest possible booking date for your vehicle, but hurry as bookings are going fast. 

Our showrooms are now open, and we are encouraging customers who are interested in visiting us to look at our New & Used Motorhomes, to make an appointment as to when they would like to come. 

This way we can manage the number of people on-site any one-time, and respect the distancing and sanitisation protocols around Covid-19. We look forward to seeing you .. 

The Directors and Staff at TC Motorhomes

06 May 2020

Chausson Motorhome Beds

When you buy a new motorhome you want to make sure its equipped with a good quality mattress.

The mattresses in Chausson Motorhomes are specially designed with high-quality foam which and encased in a drill fabric that is antibacterial and anti-dust mite for optimal hygiene and certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 that is free of substances harmful to your health.

On Lowprofile premium and A-Class models, all the mattresses (for the main bedding) have:
high-resilience foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of your body for minimum pressure, a thermal-regulating Thermocool covering for better dissipation of body heat, with a layer of reinforced wadding for a soft feel and optimal-quality bedding.

Most of the main bedding comes with a sturdy slatted base as a standard feature for greater comfort and ventilation, with a metal frame for better resistance.

When it comes to island beds Chausson once again pioneers by offering an exceptional standard width of 160 cm, regardless of range level.

View our New Chausson Motorhomes stock list.

05 May 2020

Chausson’s 520 Review

Out and about live recently wrote a review for the Chausson 520.

Chausson’s 640 has been a best seller right across Europe. With its mix of big lounge (and super-sized drop-down bed above), spacious end washroom/dressing-room and a full-sized bike-swallowing garage, its appeal is plain to see. Perhaps, the only thing against it is its length – even a fraction under 7m is too big for some buyers.

So, for 2020, the concept of the 640 comes in three sizes. The new 650 is over half a metre shorter (despite the greater model number) but it’s the real baby of the trio – the 520 – that we’re interested in here as it’s only 5.96m long (when based on Fiat, 3cm more on Ford). The new 520 also replaces the previous 530 and introduces the Smart Lounge format into Chausson’s smallest low-profile for the first time, making this a unique offering in the market.

Thus, this diminutive little motorhome (the same length as many a Fiat Ducato van conversion) has Chausson’s Maxi-Lounge (with side settees that convert into forward-facing belted travel seats), a wide entrance door (600mm), a large washroom and even Isofix for a pair of child seats. And, although it can’t match the external garage space of the larger 640 and 650, it still has an outside locker accessed by a top-hinged hatch in the rear wall. In here there are two fold-up shelves and a maximum height of 0.95m, while depth is 0.35m.

It’s the space in the lounge that really impresses, though. The settees seem a touch high (taller than the swivelled Ford cab seats on their highest setting) but there’s room for up to seven folk and the nearside settee is a generous 1.57m long. Also, the table twists, slides and folds to free up space – or unfolds to a 1.00m by 0.82m dining surface. An overcab Skyroof further increases the feeling of space.

There’s plenty of headroom under the drop-down bed when raised and, when down, it measures 1.88m by 1.39m (narrowing to 1.20m). It comes right down to seat height and only slightly obstructs the entrance.

The kitchen includes a fridge totally out of proportion with the size of motorhome – a whopping (and welcome) 167 litres. It’s a French spec model shown here but UK versions get a Thetford Triplex cooker with three burners and a combined grill/oven.

Across the rear, behind a curving white tambour door is a good-sized washroom with a rectangular basin, cassette toilet, generous separate shower with roof vent and twin drains, and a large, mirror-fronted cupboard with sliding door. More mirrors hide the double wardrobe with side-by-side hanging rails, but be aware that a lot of space is taken up by the extra cushions which convert the lounge into a second double bed (if required).

The 520 is available on either Fiat or Ford chassis (120 or 130bhp as standard respectively, but with upgrades available). Our choice would be the Transit, which offers the more modern cab and more cosseting suspension set-up, as well as a slightly lower price.

You’ll definitely need the £1,750 VIP Pack (cab air-conditioning, passenger airbag, cruise control, flyscreen door, colour-coded front bumper, seat covers, panoramic skylight, etc), but it’s tempting to go further with the Premium Pack (an additional £2,200) which enhances the motorhome with everything from cab blinds to central locking on the habitation door, a reversing camera and plenty more.

01 May 2020

Motorhome Storage

To Store Or Not To Store ?

For some Motorhome & Touring Caravan owners the decision to store their vehicle at home, or in a storage compound is a tricky one.

Even for those fortunate enough to have sufficient space and access at home for a Caravan or Motorhome, there are often other important considerations.

Like, are there any covenants prohibiting me from keeping my vehicle at home, or with respect to my neighbours should I look to keep my vehicle in a storage compound, rather than on the driveway at home.

If you have decided for whatever reason that your vehicle must go into storage,
You might like to search storage options within a close radius from home, so that the inconvenience of going and recovering your vehicle when it`s required is minimised.

One body that may be able to assist you in your search for a suitable secure site is The Caravan Site Storage Owners Association.
With over 400 approved CaSSOA sites across the UK, there is hopefully one close at hand, and with security being a prime consideration for Insurance Companies your Insurance costs may well be lower as a result of choosing a CaSSOA site.

Happy Hunting!

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