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18 November 2021

How to watch TV in a Motorhome

Motorhome shown is the Chausson 660 Exclusive Line.

The Creature Comforts of Home, In A Motorhome

When the weather turns nasty, your sat in your motorhome And wanting to watch TV.

It is possible to set up a TV system, which will work in your motorhome using a 12-x volt power supply from the motorhome leisure battery.

With a TV aerial fitted to the roof of the motorhome, (Status and Maxview are two of the most popular brands) and a 12-x volt signal booster between the aerial and a Motorhome 12 x volt TV, it is possible that that a good selection of the Freeview channels will be available to you.

Most modern 12 x volt TV`s, (Vision Plus and Avtex are two of the most popular brands) will have a DVD drive fitted, and so if the tv signal is too weak you can always watch a favourite DVD.

12 x volt Satellite Dishes are an alternative to the 12-x volt tv aerial, but are comparatively expensive to buy and have fitted, and need a 12-x volt signal de-coder, (often de-coders are now built-in to a modern 12 x volt tv`s).

Roof mounted satellite dishes also need `line-of-sight` and so are not dependable if your Motorhoming among the trees, or with other obstacles in the way.

A more recent and increasingly popular method of watching tv, is streaming, … Motorhome Wi-Fi if you will!

With a Wi-Fi Hub fitted into the motorhome, both 4G and 5G systems are now available, you can stream your favourite programs.

Using a roof mounted aerial, and a sim card system, it is possible to stream TV, much like you do from home, with a top-up data system, akin to a mobile phone contract.

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