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14 October 2021

Motorhome frost damage prevention

Important - please note! frost damage prevention

To protect your internal water system from frost damage, it`s a good idea to drain down your motorhomes water system when not in use.

  1. Open all drain taps
  2. Open water heater / combi boiler safety drain valve
  3. Open water tank drain valve
  4. Open all water taps, and run the water pump for a short time,
  5. Leave the tap heads open, so that moisture can escape.

Allowing water in the internal water system to freeze, can and usually does cause damage to the components which inevitably will not be covered under your warranty.

Therefore, if there is any danger or threat of frost when the motorhome is not in use, (even for a short period) the water system must be drained.

In addition to draining all water out of your motorhome, here are some additional guidance notes:

  • Lower any drop-down beds if you have them, this will enable improved ventilation around the mattresses
  • Move seat cushions away from the walls
  • If possible, leave some `low-level` background heat in the motorhome, an oil-filled radiator is a popular choice

Should you require any specific advice or guidance, please contact our after-sales department on 01227 289111.

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