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27 June 2024

Chausson's Summer Savings

Chausson motorhome with friends sat outside

Chausson's Summer Savings: Your New Motorhome Awaits!

Summer is in full swing, and Chausson is turning up the heat with exclusive deals on two fantastic motorhome lines: the innovative X Series and the versatile 650 Etape Line.

Embrace Adventure with the X650 
Huge savings Available!

Known for their unique blend of van-like agility and motorhome comfort, the X Series is perfect for those seeking both practicality and adventure. This summer, you can snag a fantastic deal on the all-new X650 manual edition, equipped with its groundbreaking modular garage, the SDR (Smart Dressing Room). Whether you're a couple looking for a weekend getaway or a solo adventurer seeking freedom on the open road, the X Series offers the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and style.

Compact Comfort with the 650 Etape Line 
Minimum savings of £3000!

If you're looking for a compact motorhome that doesn't sacrifice storage or living space, the 650 Etape Line is an excellent choice. This low-profile motorhome boasts clever design features that maximize space and functionality, making it ideal for couples or small families. And with Chausson's summer savings, it's now more affordable than ever to hit the road in style and comfort.

Why Choose Chausson?

Chausson motorhomes are renowned for their innovation, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With a reputation for pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations, Chausson offers a diverse range of motorhomes to suit every traveler's needs and budget.

Don't Miss Out on These Summer Savings!

These exclusive offers won't last forever. Visit your local Chausson dealer (TC Motorhomes) today to explore these exceptional motorhomes and find your perfect match. With Chausson's summer savings, there's never been a better time to embark on your next adventure!

If you would like to know more about the savings available here at TC Motorhomes visit: New Motorhomes

11 June 2024

New Chausson X550 Handover

Couple stood next to new motorhome

Stephen and Kay from Hurstpierpoint in West Sussex, are pictured taking delivery of their very first New Motorhome, A fantastic new innovation in compact motorhomes – The 4 x berth Chausson X550 Exclusive Line with Automatic transmission, from Chaussons only ‘Solus’ UK dealership, TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent.

Stephen and Kay have already hired one or two motorhomes to ensure that they were liking the motorhome life-style, and no surprises ..  they absolutely love it!

TC Motorhomes very own Peter Oliver, Shane Catterick and Peter Eddington (who completed a thorough hand-over with these guys) would like to thank Stephen and Kay for their valued order, and wish them well on the motorhoming adventures that lay ahead.

Start your own motorhome adventure today!

TC Motorhomes has a selection of new Chausson motorhomes in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Don't miss out on the chance to hit the open road in just two weeks! Visit our showroom in Herne Bay or browse our online inventory now: New Chausson Motorhomes.

03 June 2024

Tim & Karen's Chausson Journey Starts Now

Couple stood next to motorhome

Tim and Karen from Hampshire are pictured taking delivery of their fabulous Chausson 768 XLB Titanium AUTO from TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent.

Why TC Motorhomes?

They liked the idea of purchasing from a dealer specializing solely in the brand they were interested in – Chausson. TC Motorhomes is the UK's only exclusive Chausson dealer.

Peter Eddington, Habitation Engineer at TC Motorhomes, conducted a detailed handover of the Chausson motorhome, ensuring Tim and Karen were fully familiar with all onboard equipment, including the hot water and heating system, fridge, chemical toilet, Wi-Fi system, refillable gas system, and inverter.

Should they have any questions, Tim and Karen can easily contact TC Motorhomes for assistance, or consult the wonderful members of the Chausson Owners Facebook Group, nearly 9,000 strong, who are often available to offer guidance and support.

Shane Catterick from TC Motorhomes and his colleague Peter wish Karen and Tim many miles of happy motorhoming in their fantastic Chausson 768 Motorhome.

For more information, contact Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes on 01227 289111 or email

Ready to upgrade your travel experience? Find your perfect used motorhome at TC Motorhomes. Start your search Used Motorhomes Used Motorhomes here.

31 May 2024

Chausson 718 XLB Adventure Begins!

Couple stood next to motorhome

Trevor and Serena from Sevenoaks had been looking for a needle in a motorhome haystack for quite some time before they found the motorhome they'd been searching for at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent, the UK's only 'solus' Chausson dealership.

A well-equipped, comfortable, quality motorhome that offered fixed bed comfort, load-swallowing garage space, and the ability to tow up to two tonnes were their red-line requirements.

The Chausson 718 XLB they found at TC's ticked all those important boxes and many more besides. The team at TC Motorhomes hopes that Trevor and Serena have a lot of fun touring the UK and beyond in this fabulous Chausson Motorhome.

Happy Motorhoming, guys!

Inspired by Trevor and Serena's story? Start your own used motorhome adventure today! Browse our selection of Used Motorhomes or call 01227 289111 for further information.

30 May 2024

Used Chausson 630 Welcome Handover

Two ladies stoods next to used motorhome

Lesley and Michele are pictured at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent, taking delivery of a Chausson 630 Welcome with automatic transmission from Peter Oliver, who guided them through the process of choosing a suitable motorhome.

Fresh off a recent cruise, Lesley and Michele are now planning some exciting motorhome adventures in their new Chausson 630.

Peter and the team at TC Motorhomes wish them well on their travels!

Ready to start your own motorhome adventure? Visit our showroom and explore our wide selection of new and used motorhomes at your own pace. Our friendly team is always available to answer any questions and help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, we offer trade-in options and flexible financing solutions to make your dream a reality. Visit: Used MotorhomesUsed Motorhomes to learn more of call 01227 289111

Thank-you to Ben

Shane and Ben outside TC Motorhomes

Inspiring the Next Generation of Mechanics: Ben's Work Experience at TC Motorhomes

We had the pleasure of welcoming Ben, a bright and enthusiastic 15-year-old from West Malling, to the TC Motorhomes team for a week of work experience. Ben, who has a clear passion for all things automotive and dreams of becoming a mechanic, quickly immersed himself in the day-to-day operations of our dealership.

During his time with us, Ben actively participated in various tasks, including assisting with customer inquiries, preparing vehicles for display, and handling new vehicle registration paperwork. His eagerness to learn and contribute was evident in everything he did.

We were thoroughly impressed by Ben's positive attitude, work ethic, and eagerness to learn. It's inspiring to see young individuals like Ben taking such proactive steps towards their career goals. We're proud to support him on his journey and wish him all the best as he continues to pursue his passion for mechanics.

22 May 2024

2024 Midsummer Madness

Graphic for motorhome event

2024 Midsummer Madness Meet

The Chausson owners private Facebook group are arranging an event that's coming up soon! If you are not already a member, once you have joined the group you will be able to find out further information and book yourself a spot.

Date: 21st - 27th June
Location: Lancing, West Sussex

Details: 6 nights on the south coast in between Brighton & Worthing at The Barn Campsite, Lancing. A Pirate evening with sea shanty group, cycle rides, fun and games, sea swims and big group BBQ £16 per night. 

For more information head over to the Chausson Owners Group page on Facebook.

Jane and Andy Chausson 510 Handover

Couple standing next to new motorhome

Jane and Andy from Deal in Kent, are taking their next step on their motorhome journey, and have just taken delivery of a modern contemporary Chausson 510 motorhome from Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes.

Compact and with a drop-down bed, with a decent washroom were some of the requirements this time around. And Jane and Andy found those qualities and more at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent in the form of a Used Chausson 510 Welcome with Automatic Transmission.

Peter Eddington who completed a thorough handover of the motorhome, and Shane Catterick and his colleagues at TC’s would like to wish Andy and Jane well on their travels.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a motorhome or upgrading your current model? Our selection of brand new and used motorhomes are all in stock and prepped for immediate purchase. Once the DVLA registration is complete (around 2 weeks), you'll be off on a new adventure!

If you would like to know more about the used motorhomes for sale here at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent, contact our showroom on 01227 289111.

03 May 2024

Buying a New Motorhome

New motorhomes on forecourt

Chausson Motorhomes: Find Your Perfect Adventure Companion

Explore endless possibilities with Chausson's new motorhomes, available now at our Kent showroom. These innovative and versatile vehicles cater to every travel style, offering a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and style. Whether you're dreaming of a weekend escape or an epic cross-country adventure, Chausson has the perfect motorhome for you.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Chausson offers a diverse range of models to suit any group size and preference. From manoeuvrable options ideal for couples and solo travellers to a more spacious family-friendly layout, there's a Chausson motorhome that perfectly complements your travel style.

Comfort on the Road:

Experience the comforts of home wherever you roam with Chausson's thoughtfully designed interiors. From fully equipped kitchens and luxurious sleeping quarters to modern entertainment systems and spacious bathrooms, every detail is meticulously considered for an enjoyable and relaxing journey.

Discover Your Chausson:

Chausson's extensive lineup ensures you will find the ideal match for your needs:

Low Profile: Offering a variety of layouts and features like drop-down beds, island beds, and garages, the Low-Profile series caters to diverse traveller demands. All Sport-Line and Titanium Ultimate models boast automatic transmission for a more relaxed driving experience.

Slim Line Low Profile: Ideal for those seeking a compact design, the Slim Line Low Profile offers manoeuvrability without compromising comfort. The S 514 features an adjustable bed, while the S 697 GA prioritizes storage with large beds above a spacious bike garage. Both models come with a modern makeover, including a panoramic sunroof, touchscreen infotainment system, and enhanced safety features.

X Exclusive Line: Redefining the boundaries between vans and motorhomes, the X Exclusive Line merges van-like agility with the comfort of a low-profile motorhome. This innovative design is ideal for those who crave practicality and on-the-road comfort. The X's compact exterior allows for effortless navigation, while the surprisingly spacious interior creates a comfortable home base for your adventures. New for 2024 is the award winning X650 with its new SDR (Smart Dressing Room) system, which lets you raise or lower the wardrobe to adjust the size of the garage area according to your needs.

Vans: Capitalizing on the van conversion trend, Chausson's SportLine vans provide a perfect blend of size and functionality. Their compact design ensures easy manoeuvring, while modern space-saving features maximize interior space. Additionally, the powerful 140 BHP engine and automatic gearbox offer a comfortable driving experience. The SportLine is also compatible with modern awnings and drive-away safari rooms for an expandable living space.

Choosing the Right Chausson:

The number of travellers and your preferred sleeping arrangements are key factors. Some models offer fixed beds in a dedicated rear bedroom, while others feature convertible sleeping spaces.

Traveling Solo or as a Couple?

Consider the Slim Line Low Profile, Exclusive Line, or Van SportLine for a manoeuvrable and comfortable experience.

Traveling with a Larger Group?

Opt for a motorhome with a separate sleeping area, like the Chausson 777 GA with twin beds, the 788 with a spacious rear island bed, or the 720 with an adjustable bunk bed for children.

Couples Seeking Extra Living Space?

The Chausson 640 offers a spacious layout with a drop-down bed above the lounge that converts into a double bunk bed if needed.

Key Considerations When Buying a Motorhome:

Here are some crucial aspects to consider when selecting your new motorhome:
  • Amenities and Appliances: Determine the amenities you require, such as a fully equipped kitchen, entertainment system, heating, external gas and shower points, and air conditioning.
  • Size and Layout: Consider the number of travellers, desired living space, and sleeping arrangements.
  • Bathroom Facilities: Decide if a separate shower or a compact wet room best suits your needs.
  • Kitchen and Dining Area: Evaluate the size and functionality of the kitchen and dining area based on your cooking and dining preferences.
  • Living Space: Assess the overall living space for comfort and ease of movement.
  • Storage Space: Ensure adequate storage capacity for your belongings and camping equipment.
  • Maneuverability and Driving Comfort: Choose a motorhome size that aligns with your driving abilities and comfort level.
  • Fuel Efficiency and Performance: Combining efficiency and clean driving, Chausson motorhomes feature Euro 6 engines, some of the most advanced on the market today. These engines meet the strictest emission standards throughout the UK and Europe, ensuring a greener journey for you.
  • Safety Features: Look for essential safety features like airbags, anti-lock braking systems, and stability control.
Why Choose Chausson?

Chausson prioritises innovation, quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team at TC Motorhomes offers extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure you find the perfect Chausson motorhome for your next adventure. We provide outstanding after-sales support and maintenance services to all of our Chausson customers.

If you would like to learn more about the range of New Chausson Motorhomes available here at TC Motorhomes visit: New Motorhomes for our up to date stock list. All motorhomes listed on our website are in stock and are ready for immediate purchase, subject only to the DVLA registration process (usually around 2 weeks).

If you would like to enquire about part exchange or if you would like to sell your motorhome to a trusted motorhome buyer, contact Shane Catterick on 01227 289111.

Hymercar Ayers Rock Handover

Couple stood next to a red Hymercar Ayers Rock

David & Yvonne, like many of our customers, found that finding the right vehicle at the right price, from a dealership with a proven track record, isn't always easy. Sometimes, travel is necessary.

David and Yvonne, from Northampton, did just that! They found their ideal campervan, a Hymercar Ayers Rock, at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent.

The Hymercar's overall size and elevating roof provide the flexibility and mobility they desired, something larger, less compact motorhomes lack.

Shane Catterick and his colleagues at TC Motorhomes thank David and Yvonne for their trust in making the journey. A short video presentation of the vehicle convinced them of two things: (A) this was the right campervan, and (B) this was the right dealership.

If you would like to know more about the Used Motorhomes available at our showroom visit: Used Motorhomes or contact Shane Catterick on 01227 289111. 

02 May 2024

Chausson 777 GA Titanium Ultimate Handover

Lynne and Cliff from Bexhill-On-Sea are pictured taking delivery of their brand new 2024 Chausson 777 GA Titanium Ultimate, with Automatic Transmission, from Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent.

Not pictured, are Dakari and Temo, the family’s two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, who like Cliffe and Lynne are undoubtedly looking forward to the additional space that the 777 will provide, over and above the Chausson 640 now being replaced. At the time of the photo however, Dakari & Tamu were relaxing in the car, uninterested in what was going on around them.

Shane, Peter Eddington (who completed the handover process), and Sabbie (Digital Marketing Manager at TC’s and Dog Lover)  would all like to wish Lynne and Cliff their very best wishes for their impending travels, which are likely to include at some time over the summer a trip to the Italian lake of Maggiore !

We are promised a post card!

Explore the freedom of the open road with a Chausson motorhome! We have a wide range of New Chausson Motorhomes in stock, ready for purchase. Once the DVLA registration is finalized (around 2 weeks), your dream adventure awaits! Contact Shane Catterick on 01227 289111 to learn more.

01 May 2024

Chausson 640 Luxury Edition Handover

Couple stood next to Chausson 640

Mel and Sue are pictured taking delivery of TC Motorhomes’ flag-ship Chausson Motorhome, the Chausson Titanium Ultimate Luxury Edition.

As experienced motorhomers, Mel and Sue needed little instruction on how to operate this fantastic new Chausson, and were quickly on the road and heading home to load-up ready for their first outing in their new motorhome.

Peter Oliver and the team at TC Motorhomes would like to thank Mel & Sue for their valued business and support, and wish them many miles of enjoyable motorhoming, in the UK and further afield in Europe, which we understand is already being planned by these intrepid travellers.

For more information contact Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes on 01227 289111, or email us at:

To view our up-to-date selection of brand New Chausson motorhomes, all in stock at our dealership and prepared for immediate purchase. Once the DVLA registration is complete (usually around 2 weeks), you can drive away on your dream adventure!

29 April 2024

Handover - New Chausson 640 TItanium Ultimate Automatic

Couple stood next to new motorhome

Jackie, Kevin and Lottie 🐾 are pictured taking delivery of their brand new Chausson 640 Titanium Ultimate, in replacement of their Autotrail Mohican, from Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent.

There are trips a plenty in the diary for this trio, and so it doesn’t sound like this fabulous new Chausson will ever be sitting idle for very long.

Best of luck guys, have fun! From Shane and his colleagues at TC Motorhomes.

For more information contact Shane Catterick

☎ 01227 289111
♻ Part exchange welcome
💵 Finance options available

29 March 2024

Chausson 640 First Line, Titanium Ultimate and Luxury Edition

What's the Difference Between Chausson 640 First Line, Titanium Ultimate, and Luxury Edition Motorhomes?

Exterior view of Chausson 640 Firstline Motorhome

Chausson 640 First Line

The Chausson 640 First Line is the entry-level model in the Chausson 640 range. This 4-berth motorhome is 7 meters long and comes equipped with the essentials for a comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Standard specifications for the First Line include the "Smart-Lounge" with a drop-down double bed above the lounge. This lounge also features hidden belted seats with ISO-Fix points for child car seats.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a sink, hob with 1 electric plate and 2 gas burners, a Thetford oven with grill, and a large "tall boy" fridge with a separate freezer compartment.

There's a full-width washroom with a separate shower, a large garage with 3 entry points and is accessible from within the motorhome, a 140-watt solar panel with an extra leisure battery, and a Thule wind-out awning.

The First Line features a smaller 130 BHP engine with a 6-speed manual transmission and a standard DAB/MP3/Bluetooth radio.

Exterior Chausson 640 Titanium Ultimate

Chausson 640 Titanium Ultimate

The Chausson 640 Titanium Ultimate builds upon the First Line model with additional features. It boasts a larger 170 BHP engine with an automatic transmission for a smoother ride.
  • Additional features of the Titanium Ultimate include:
  • 16" alloy wheels
  • Cab-coloured bumpers
  • Touch screen DAB radio
  • Reversing camera
  • Sat Nav
  • Blackout cab blinds
  • Central door locking

Exterior view Chausson 640 Luxury Edition

Chausson 640 Luxury Edition (Exclusive to TC Motorhomes)

The Chausson 640 Luxury Edition takes the specifications of the Titanium Ultimate to an even higher level, designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

The Luxury Edition features new, upgraded seat cushions for enhanced comfort, upholstered in "Silver Birch & Seely" Crest leather. The cab has been wrapped in a special Silver Gold finish called "Zinn," which can be customized to a different colour if you prefer.

Built-in 5G Wi-Fi and a 21.9-inch Avtex Smart TV with DVD drive ensure you won't have to worry about entertainment during evenings spent wild camping.

For extra peace of mind, the Luxury Edition comes fully protected with an insurance-approved tracker and alarm system as standard (Tracker subscription applies).

The Luxury Edition also includes Gaslow, a refillable gas system built directly into the motorhome. Unlike standard Calor gas bottles that require removal for replacement, Gaslow can be refilled at most fuel forecourts in the UK. Additionally, Gaslow is the preferred gas refilling method on the continent, making it ideal for those planning to visit mainland Europe with their motorhome.

Additional features of the Chausson 640 Luxury Edition:
  • Leather trim
  • Upgraded seat cushions
  • Wi-Fi
  • Alarm and tracker
  • Smart TV included
  • Gaslow refillable gas system
  • Customizable cab color
To view the latest Chausson 640 Motorhomes we have in stock visit: New Chausson Motorhome.

26 March 2024

Used Chausson 768 XLB Titanium handover

Couple stood next to new motorhome

Tim and Karen from Hampshire, are pictured taking delivery of a fabulous Chausson 768 XLB Titanium 3 berth automatic used motorhome.

Why did they choose TC motorhomes?

They liked the idea of making their purchase from a motorhome dealer that only sold the brand they were interested in buying – Chausson. TC Motorhomes are the UK’s only solus Chausson brand.

During the preparation process, Shane kept Tim and Karen updated via WhatsApp answering any questions they had. Upon arriving home Tim and Karen sent Shane a message that evening letting him know they arrived home safely and thanking the team here at TC Motorhomes.

Peter Eddington (Habitation Engineer at TC Motorhomes) completed a detailed handover of the Chausson motorhome, ensuring that Karen and Tim were fully versed with the workings of all the equipment on-board, including the hot water & heating system, the fridge, the chemical toilet, the Wi-Fi system, the refillable Gas system and the Inverter.

If there is anything that got forgotten, Tim and Karen will be able to call TC’s for a refresher, or indeed the wonderful friendly folk in the Chausson Owners Facebook Group of close on 9000 members, who are often on hand to offer guidance and support.

Shane Catterick from TC’s and his colleague Peter, would like to wish Karen and Tim lots and lots of fun, and many miles of happy motorhoming with their fantastic Chausson 768 Used Motorhome.

For more information contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes on 01227 289111 or you can send an email: or visit: Used Motorhomes.

18 March 2024

New Chausson 640 Handover

Couple standing next to Chausson 640 Motorhome

Alan and Corina are pictured collecting their Chausson 640 Titanium Premium Automatic motorhomes from our showroom in Herne Bay, having just completed a thorough hand-over with Jonathan Light, workshop engineer at TC’s

These two weren’t hanging about either... After saying farewell to TC Motorhomes, they immediately set off for the Lake District,  and over the next week or so a few more UK locations, to meet up with friends and relatives before a much longer journey south.

After a couple of weeks in the midlands, they head back down south again for the long journey down to Spain, where the sunshine and Sangria beckons !

Shane Catterick, Jonathan Light and the rest of the team at T C Motorhomes wish Alan & Corina the best of luck in their new adventure !

To view the latest motorhomes in stock view New Chausson Motorhomes

11 March 2024

What is a Motorhome Habbitation Check?

Technician servicing a motorhome

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late: Schedule Your Chausson Habitation Check Today!

TC Motorhomes are passionate about Chausson motorhomes. Our certified technicians have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your Chausson receives the care it deserves.

Yearly habitation checks are crucial for maintaining your warranty and keeping your motorhome in top condition. We'll thoroughly inspect all aspects of your habitation system, giving you peace of mind for every adventure.

What does a motorhome habitation service include?

A typical motorhome habitation check, especially for maintaining a Chausson warranty, will likely include inspections in these key areas:

Water Systems:Functionality of water pump and pressure switch.

  • Leak checks on all pipes and connections inside and outside the habitation area.
  • Inspection of the freshwater tank, waste water tank, and grey water tank for any damage or leaks.
  • Operation of the hot water boiler and any associated safety features.

Gas Systems

  • Leak checks on all gas lines and connections.
  • Functionality and safety checks of gas appliances like the cooker, hob, and oven.
  • Inspection of the gas regulator and expiry date.
  • Ensuring proper ventilation around gas appliances.

Electrical Systems

  • Functionality of the 12V and 240V electrical systems, including battery levels and charging.
  • Inspection of all electrical connections and wiring for damage or corrosion.
  • Operation of all onboard electrical appliances and fixtures.
  • Testing of Residual-current device (RCD) for proper earth leakage protection.

Bodywork and Chassis

  • Visual inspection of the exterior for any signs of damage, cracks, or water ingress.
  • Functionality of doors, windows, and locks.
  • Inspection of roof, walls, and floor for signs of damp or water damage.
  • Check on tyre condition and pressures, including spare tyre.

Safety and Security

  • Operation of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers.
  • Functionality of all safety devices like gas shut-off valves, fire blankets, and window safety catches.
  • Security checks on doors, windows, and habitation lockers.

Other Checks

  • Functionality of heating systems (both gas and electric).
  • Inspection of ventilation systems and airflow throughout the habitation area.
  • Operation of awnings, blinds, and flyscreens.
  • Functionality of any additional features specific to your Chausson model.

If you would like to know more or book in your yearly habbitaction check visit: Motorhome Habitation Check

01 March 2024

Job Vacancy: Habitation Engineer

Due to retirement, TC Motorhomes of Herne Bay requires an experienced habitation engineer to join our team servicing Chausson motorhomes.

Do you have the skills and qualifications to be our next top Habitation Engineer?

We offer a competitive salary and a rewarding career in a dynamic environment.

If you have the required skills and qualifications and would like to join us, please email your CV in strict confidence to

06 February 2024

Chausson 788 Handover

TC Motorhomes are the only Solus Chausson Dealer in the UK, and Tom confirmed he liked the idea of being able to service and maintain their new Chausson motorhome with their ‘local’ dealership, just a short drive from home.

Peter and his colleagues at TC Motorhomes, wish Tom and Elisha every enjoyment with their new Chausson Motorhome.

02 February 2024

The 2024 Caravan, Camping and Motorhome show

This year’s show will be held at the NEC in Birmingham from 13th -18th February.

The show will feature over 400 stands and have inspirational talks from special guests with lots of information on camping related activities, tips and locations.

Familiar faces from the great outdoors and fans of the leisure vehicle lifestyle will be joining the fun across the week including: Ray Mears (Weds), Kwoklyn Wan (Thurs & Fri) and Caravan and Motorhome Club member and campervanner Annabel Croft (Tues)!

Booking Tickets

Tickets are limited and will be needed to of been purchased before the show, tickets are not available on the day of the visit.

CLICK HERE to buy your tickets today for only £12.50* (inc. parking).

*Standard Ticket Prices: £12.50 before 23:59hrs 12/02/2024. After this time tickets are £15.50, subject to availability. A £1.25 transaction fee applies to all bookings. Tickets are non-refundable. Car parking is included in the ticket price.

Visiting TC Motorhomes at the show

Shane will be at the show and will be available to answer any questions you may have related to buying a new Chausson motorhome. You will be able to find Shane at the Chausson display in Hall 3 on Stand: 3052.

You will be able to view the following 2024 Chausson Motorhomes:

  • Chausson 640 Titanium Ultimate
  • Chausson 777 Titanium Ultimate
  • Chausson 788 Titanium Ultimate
  • Chausson 650 Etape
  • Chausson X550 Exclusive Line
  • Chausson X650 Exclusive Line
  • Chausson Sport Line S 514
  • Chausson Sport-Line S 697 GA
  • Chausson V594
  • Chausson V597

If you would like to learn more about the 2024 New Motorhomes visit: New Chausson Motorhomes

Other Activities at the Motorhome Show

Leisure Vehicle Advice Centre

There is free impartial advice from experts at the show for anyone who is looking to invest in a new motorhome but are not sure which model would suit their needs.

FREE Castle Climb

Let the kids scale the battlement walls, have fun in the stocks and take their picture with a knight while you take a seat and relax with a cup of tea/coffee.

Head to the Castle at the rear of Hall 1 to book your free session.

FREE Watersports & Poolside Café

This year you will have the opportunity to try Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) or kayaking on the huge custom made indoor Watersports Pool. You'll be under the expert guidance of the team at Canoe Trail. Changing room facilities are available.

Head to the Pool at the rear of Hall 5 to book your free session.

Motorhome Manoeuvring

Improve your motorhome driving skills at the Show under the safe guidance of the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s expert instructors.

Inspiration Theatre with special Guest Speakers

The list of speakers at this years show cover a full range of camping topics, from what to cook to where to stay. A full list of speakers can be accessed here.

There will be something for everyone at the Motorhome show, should you want to know more about the show or New Chausson Motorhomes then please feel free to contact us on: 01227 289111, or visit:

11 January 2024

Chausson X550 Handover

Couple standing next to a motorhome

Philip & Rachel are pictured taking delivery of a New Chausson X550 Exclusive AUTO (affectionately named ABU) from Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent.

The X550 Exclusive is a revolutionary New compact model which really does feel small on the out-side, but is quite spacious, and with a terrific specification on the inside.

Philip and Rachel who previously have enjoyed other Chausson Motorhomes from T C Motorhomes, are hoping that the compact nature of the all-new X550 Exclusive,

Will make it easier to navigate some of the smaller towns and villages which are quite often ‘off-the-beaten-track’.

Shane Catterick and Peter Eddington (who completed a full and thorough handover of the X 550) of TC Motorhomes wish Rachel, Philip, and their family many miles of happy motorhoming with the X550, and thank them for their continued support and goodwill.

Couple standing behind new motorhome

If you would like to learn about the Chausson X550 or the new award winning Chausson X650 visit: Chausson X Exclusive Line

Got a question? Contact us!