Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

15 April 2021

Cooking in a Motorhome.

Model shown is the Chausson 640 Special Edition on a Fiat Chassis.

When you are on a road trip cooking will be something that you will want to keep quick and simple as well as being tasty and nutritious. With limited space in comparison to your kitchen at home you may be wondering how you can achieve this.

The new 2021 Chausson motorhomes come with various options for cooking either internally and or externally for when it’s a nice day and you would like to spend as much time outside enjoying the sun while drinking a glass of wine!

Inside the motorhome there is a hob with an electric hot plate and 2 gas burners, a gas oven with an integrated grill and a fridge / freezer for storing fresh ingredients. Also, the kitchen section inside the motorhomes has an extendable shelf which can be extended and then collapsed when not in use. 

Please note, to use the electric hob you would need to have your motorhome plugged in to an external 240v power supply (which are available on most campsite pitches), if this isn't an option, for example you are wild camping then you have the various options which use gas. 

Outside cooking on a CADAC Cooker.

Externally the majority of new Chausson Motorhomes have an external gas supply which is ideal if you wish to use a Cadac type of cooker or a gas-powered portable BBQ, and with most new Chausson Motorhomes having a garage its not problem to store extra items you may wish to take with you on your adventures!

There are a lot of online resources to inspire you with quick and easy recipes. Simply searching "motorhome cooking recipes" in your preferred search engine will provide you with lots of ideas.

To start you off here are a few examples we have found online that will give you with some new recipes to try:

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