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04 March 2021

9 Road Trip Ideas in the UK

Scotland Landscape
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From Scotland's north coast to England's national parks, these are nine favourite picturesque road trips in the UK.

There’s no need to fly to the USA’s Route 66 or the Australian Outback for an epic road trip – the UK offers some of the most picturesque, otherworldly drives anywhere in the world. In Scotland, hardy travellers take on the wind-battered Highlands to be rewarded with some of the country’s most incredible scenery, while a jaunt along the coastal roads of the West Country allows for stops in salty beach towns and vast national parks. These are the nine best road trips in the UK, ranging from full-on adventurous to a more peaceful experience.

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28 January 2021

You can still buy a Motorome

Over recent months, the Motorhome industry has seen a huge rise in the use of the  `virtual tour` as prospective buyers continue to search for their ideal Motorhome during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Available to view 24 hours a day, online virtual tours are the perfect way to research a new or used  Motorhome, without having to leave the house, and if you have looked on-line and chosen your T C Motorhome, but want a personalised `walk-around` via Whatsapp or Facetime, we will be pleased to make this happen for you.

Call us now to reserve your chosen motorhome, and to organise your personalised tour: 01227 289111

or email us

27 January 2021

Can Pets Travel to Europe?

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New changes to traveling to the EU with your pet

Due to the changes that came with the UK leaving the EU, new rules apply to taking your pet abroad on holiday with you.

Anyone wanting to travel with their dog, cat or ferret will need to apply for a 'Health Certificate' under the new rules that came in to force on the 1st January 2021. 

The terms of the health certificate are as follows, 
  • Your pet must be microchipped
  • Must be over 12 weeks old
  • Vaccinated against rabbies and of waited 21 days for the vaccine to work
  • Dogs must be treated for tapeworm 24-120 hours before travel
  • The health certificate must be issued by your vet no more than 10 days before travel
Once issued, the Health Certificate will be valid for 10 days on entry in to the EU and is valid for 4 months, but you must return to Great Britain before the 4 months ends.

More information can be found here: Pet Travel to and from Great Britain.

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