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03 February 2022

Scotland North Coast 500

Scotland North Coast 500 Road Trip

Although the travel restrictions are about to be lifted, there is still some uncertainty around travelling abroad. Over the past 2 years we have witnessed an increased interest in people wanting to visit locations around the UK.

A popular road trip is the North Coast 500, this is a circular 516-mile route around the coast of Scotland, there are various stop over options for this trip but for the purpose of this blog the focus is for people who want to do it in a motorhome.

When to visit Scotland?

The summer is going to be the best option for anyone wishing to visit beaches and go on coastal walks with warmer weather but because the North Coast 500 route is a popular choice it is also going to be the busiest time, so expect it to be crowded.
In the summer months when the kids are off school the campsites can get booked up so if you plan to visit in the summer, it is best to plan this road trip as early in the year as possible to make sure you can book a place to camp up with your motorhome.
The other downside to visiting Scotland in the summer are the biting midges which can be really irritating at night-time when you are sitting outside in the evenings!

A suitable time to visit is in May, the weather is getting better, the roads will be less busy and the biting midges will not be such an annoyance.

However, road trips are not just for the summer months, Chausson Motorhomes have been designed with IRP technology for better insulation for the colder months which make them ideal for all year-round travel.

Where does the North Coast Route Start?

The start of the journey is typically at Inverness. At this point you have two options to either go east to west or west to east. Starting the road trip on the east coast and working your way around to the west is the common option because as you progress the scenery and experience becomes more impressive.

How long does it take to do the North Coast 500?

The north coast 500 road trip covers six regions in Scotland, Black Isle, Caithness, Easter Ross, Inverness-shire, Sutherland, and Wester Ross. There are so many attractions to see, white beaches, coastal walks, historic castles, and waterfalls which are set within the amazing landscapes of the Scottish Highlands.

Ideally you will want to be spend 7-14 days so you can enjoy a relaxing journey and have the option of stopping over for a couple of nights in locations that you will find most appealing, if you are stuck for time the trip can be done in as little as 4 days but you will spend most of that trip driving and missing out on what Scotland has to offer.

Where can you stay on the North Coast 500 in a motorhome?

Wild camping is not permitted in motorized vehicles in Scotland but there are campsites that cater for Motorhomes and Caravans along the route. 

Tips for planning your trip

There are important things to consider when planning the trip in a Motorhome, for example parts of the route are on single lane roads and not suitable for wider motorhomes. The North Coast 500 website goes into more detail and gives information on the parts of the journey where a motorhome would not be able to access and gives alternative routes suitable for a wider motorhome.

For a small fee, the North Coast 500 website has put together some itineraries that will be helpful if you are planning your first visit. 

It is best to do your own research, there are lots of resources online to find out lots of information and tips and tricks to help make your North Coast 500 Trip a memorable vacation.
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