Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

12 October 2021


(Pictured: Nick Markl (Chausson`s UK Sales Manager), Pascal Lidome (Chausson`s Export Manager), Shane Catterick (Sales TC Motorhomes).

The entente cordial was `alive and kicking` at T C Motorhomes this week

When representatives from Chausson (the most popular imported motorhome brand to the UK) visited their only `Solus` Chausson Only Dealership, T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent, to congratulate them on a hugely successful year in what can only be described as ` difficult trading conditions`.

Pascal Lidome (Chausson`s Export Manager) and Nick Markl (Chausson`s UK Sales Manager) were keen to visit TC`s to discuss with Shane Catterick there the challenges and lessons of the past eighteen months, and the huge opportunities going forward for this terrifically popular and successful brand.

Fortunately, Lisa Hurst and her co- Baristas from the `Hat Hats Coffee Company` were on hand in `Hattie` the mobile Citroen `H` Coffee Van, to keep everyone there refreshed with fresh coffees and French pastries for the morning. 

For more information about the new range of 2022 visit: Chausson Motorhomes or alternatively contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes: 01227 289111.

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