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29 June 2020

Chausson 768 Premium Handover

Thank you to Mr & Mrs C   for their kind words & testimonial.

They are both pictured, having just completed a detailed hand-over of their New Chausson 768 Premium Motorhome with John (Engineer) at T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay.

John remarked that they took to the workings of the motorhome very well, so no surprises that they are coping well with all the equipment on the Chausson, Including the height-adjustable rear bed.

Happy Motorhoming to you both.

New Tesimonial

Thank you to Mr & Mrs C for their kind words.
"Never having even owned a tent before we must have driven Shane absolutely mad with our questions whilst trying to decide if a Motorhome was the right option for us. We were totally guided through every option, design and gadget available to us with really sensible advice as to what we actually needed vs what could have been sold to us. No overselling just good informative clear advice. Even information with regard as to where to purchase custom fit bedding and, as we intend to travel to around Europe a fixed LPG gas bottle we could just refill enroute would be a good option for us. On our first trip out I imagined I would have Shane’s number on speed dial, however, after an amazing handover by John, who was beyond patient, we were like pros. Thank you all so much for your help and advice. Would highly recommend TC Motors - thank you all so much."


25 June 2020

Chausson 768 Premium Handover

Bob and Fran are pictured taking delivery of their new Chausson 768 Premium Motorhome, From Shane. 
Bob who is a legend in the music world for managing some of the biggest most successful music festivals, with some of the biggest names in the industry, is now looking forward with Fran to a slightly more tranquil lifestyle with their new motorhome, Touring all the lovely locations far and wide on their to do list.

If only Bob`s phone would stop ringing!

Thank you Bob & Fran, everyone at TC `s sends best wishes ..

22 June 2020

New Testimonial

Thank you to Mr & Mrs Harper from Herne Bay who have recently taken delivery of a New Chausson Twist Campervan.

They cant wait until the Camping Sites up and down the Country are open again, and in the meantime have been getting used to their New Chausson Twist with daytrips to the beach ..

The left us a kind review;

"After a great deal of research, we made the decision to buy our new Fiat Twist from TC Motorhomes. We were complete novices, but fell in love with the feeling of independence after renting a Camper in Australia The purchase was handled by Shane and Neil who were really helpful answering all our questions with patience and honesty, with no sales pressure. Our two berth was beautifully finished and we were able to agree a great deal on a couple of additions to the package. A test drive and tutorial was arranged. The garage workshop and habitation preparation areas were spotless, another reason we felt comfortable using TCM. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a new used Motorhome or MOT and service.

Mr & Mrs Harper"

09 June 2020

Planning a UK Roadtrip

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic holidaying as we are used to, has changed. In a poll by RVezy of 2000, 80% of people who voted said they would be wary about flying in the near future and are looking towards taking a break in their own country. 

Here in the UK we are lucky to have so many places that offer such a varied type of holiday. Visiting the lake district you can get back to nature and feel peaceful, or a holiday near a sea side means Fish and Chips and dipping your toes in the sea. Or you wish to visit somewhere more historic and learn something about the British history.

When planning a road trip, it is a good idea to look to online resources, finding a community of other motorhome owners would be a good place to start. There are various groups on Facebook, you can search in groups for motorhome and find one which matches your interests.You will be able to ask questions, read questions that other people have posted and pick up tips.

Anyone new to Motorhoming may be wondering where can I stay in in a motorhome?

There are restrictions about where you can stay in England, you are not allowed to stay on private property in your motorhome without the owner’s previous consent.

The highway belongs to the local council, different councils have different regulations regarding sleeping in your motorhome overnight. When considering parking up for the night, look for any signs relating to parking and check if it mentions sleeping at night.

It is better to find a campsite or private land (with permission) to stay on. If you want to get some ideas where you can stay the website WildCamping has a huge list of places you can stay categorised in to specific interests.

Another lovely review of TC Motorhomes

"Just wanted to say thank you for the highly efficient service on our van. 

The buying experience from 2 years ago is truly matched by the aftersales. Neil was straight on the job to rearrange our annual service following the re-opening (COVID), with a quick turn around. 

The team at TC certainly look after their customers. It feels like you are returning to see friends rather than a business. Really nice touch to include a full outside wash of the whole van and to arrive and see it on the forecourt looking gleaming."

Thank-you to Clive and Jenny for such kind words.

07 June 2020

Award winning Chausson 640

Lounge in a Chausson 640

The popular Chausson 640 Motorhome for sale here at TC Motorhomes, comes packed with features as standard. The 640 won an award in 2019 for 'The best layout of the year'. The innovative smart lounge can only be found in motorhomes manufactured by Chausson.

Some of the motorhomes standard features:

4 x Berth
Smart Lounge
Triplex cooker
Tallboy fridge
Full width washroom
2 x double beds
Reversing camera
6 x speed Automatic transmission
Ford Chassis
i.R.P technology
7 Year warranty against leaks

Would you like to find out more about the Chausson 640 or arrange a viewing? Visit the link below:

05 June 2020

What is i.R.P Technology

What is i.R.P Technology Protection on Chausson Motorhomes.

iRP stands for Insulation, Resistance and Protection and because Chausson are confident that your motorhome is protected against, leaks, storms, heat and cold they offer a 7 year warranty on water tightness. This gives peace of mind knowing that your motorhome won’t start having leaks appear.

The insulation used in the Chausson range of motorhomes is made of up of different types of top quality materials,  to ensure that your motorhome maintains thermal insulation, meaning the motorhome is great in either cold or hot weather temperatures and you can maintain your chosen internal temperature economically.


Chausson use a protective polyester (GRP) skin which gives a resistance to the motorhome from scratches, chips caused from gravel on the road and damage caused by extreme weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation from the sun

The floors and the roof have been made extra thick which means they are robust and can withstand weight without deforming with use over time.


Chausson Motorhomes use materials that are anti-rot and the materials are glued together on the aluminium frame instead of drilled to minimise holes that could cause leaks.

The outer shell is covered in polyester (GRP) to protect the exterior from extreme weather such as hail stones, and is also resistant to salt.

7-year Warranty on water-tightness

Chausson are confident that the materials and methods used to build the motorhome mean that you will be guaranteed for 7 years against leaks if you Buy a new Chausson motorhome.

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