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22 April 2020

Essential Motorhome Routines

It`s frustrating not being able to use your Motorhome right now, isn’t it ... ?

However there are maintenance routines that maybe get missed in normal times, that right now we all have time in the world to be doing.

Here`s a quick and easy one to consider Lubricating All Door and Locker Locks.

This is a task that might only take you 5-10 minutes, but could save you a heap of heartache if a door locker was to seize at some stage in the future, locking you out or necessitating replacing the lock.

Our suggestion is that you find a suitable lock lubricant, (we suggest one that has a PTFE Content is best) and examples like GT85  or 3 In 1 are ideal to use to work your way around your motorhome, spraying a little lubricant into the lock, and then working it in with the key. Remember to wipe off any excess lubricant that may have spilled on to the bodywork. As a result your locks should work better and stay that way for longer.

We are still available for all your motorhome queries during the COVID-19 lockdown and can be contacted via email

21 April 2020

Reserve online for £500

Whilst you may not be able to visit TC Motorhomes right now, to look around the forecourt at our New & Used Motorhomes, we’ve made sure that all of our vehicles are listed on our website are up-to-date, priced to market and, once we are Fully open again, ready to go.

In addition, we’ve introduced a ‘Reserve this vehicle for just £500’ to help you reserve the vehicle of your choice.

This fully refundable deposit means you can secure the vehicle of your choice from the comfort of your own armchair, safe in the Knowledge that when we fully re-open, your vehicle will be ready to be collected or delivered to you without further delay.

Simply email us that you have completed your research on-line, and would now like to reserve one of our vehicles, and we will Contact you to discuss in more detail.

Chausson Sealing Checks

Chausson have made an announcement

Sealing checks carried over

For those whose seal control was planned during the lockdown, don't panic, we will take this into account, no need to rush you to your distributor as soon as you get back.

Therefore, we plan to give 6 months of time for the the motorhome coming to end between March 1st and June 30th.
For example, check planned in March, you have until September to make it happen

These dates may, of course, be different depending on the upcoming d├ęconfinement instructions.

Should you need any further clarification please feel free to contact one of our team - we are still working but remotely and can be contacted by emailing

16 April 2020

Camping at home during lockdown

Using your motorhome and camping equipment during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We know these are tough times and isolation can be difficult. We miss friends, families, children and our grandchildren.

We’ve spoken to a few of you who are really missing being able to get away, closed campsites and ‘stay at home’ restrictions are hard for everyone so we’ve pulled together some ideas and are sharing some recommendations from existing customers, family and friends to get you through the coming weeks and making the most of this beautiful springtime, our families and our motorhomes and camping equipment from the safety of our homes and gardens.

How to escape while staying put.

You may have already tried it but …. staying in your motorhome while parked on the driveway or camping in the garden can make a nice change to your day to day life and a welcome change of scenery - and the great news is you know the facilities are first class! If you don’t have a garden big enough for a tent why not camp out in the lounge for a night?

For those of you with limited space inside but do have a motorhome or space for a tent in the garden why not use it as an extension of your home – use it as a kid’s playroom or home school area. It could also be your Joe Wicks PE space, mum’s yoga retreat or dad’s temporary office space?

Make your change of scenery the location of a game’s night - or if the weathers nice the craftier few of you could attempt to make your own projector for an outdoor movie night!

The warmer weather is also a great opportunity to fire up the BBQ or just eat outside – burgers/kebabs can all be cooked in the oven and eaten picnic style outside. Kids could also make their own fruit kebabs as desert – they are just as fun as lollies with less dripping!

If they do get a bit sticky – get the hose out! Kids love water, fill a bucket and add some toys or give them some paintbrushes to ‘paint’ the fence.

We’ve also seen some great ideas for indoor and outdoor assault courses which the kids are loving!

Anyone struggling for ideas on keeping the kids entertained? 

Here’s a few more ideas that our kids are using and adapting to keep our grandchildren busy but also having fun in what must feel like such a strange time for them. If you can’t see your grandchildren, then calling them using free apps like Facetime/What’s App/Zoom and Houseparty could be a great way to help out and ‘assisting’ with these activities.
  • Use torches to make shadow puppets (this can be done inside your tent or on a blank wall in your motorhome or inside the house.
  • Create shadows of toys in the garden, line the toys up with some paper behind them and trace round the shadows – you can use the silhouettes to colour in later or decorate.
  • The same torches can be used when reading (and this can be done anywhere), get the kids to flash the light on words as they read them, littluns will have fun controlling what you are saying and for older ones you could get them to pick words at random or go through more challenging books picking out words they know?!
  • Boxes – if like some of our families you are using delivery services then you may have lots of boxes – no matter the size keep them to one side…they are great for building robots, or if you make holes in them kids love dropping things through the holes – think pom poms/marbles or straws. Larger boxes can contain small children – give them crayons and you will have enough time to make (and possible enjoy) a cup of tea!) Even bigger boxes could be decorated and used for the kids to sit in during movie night!
  • As Grandparents why not do a regular ‘storytime;’ slot and ring or video the kids before bed…mix it up a bit by changing where you are in your house/motorhome or tent and get them to guess where you are!

Get some Housekeeping done

Our motorhomes need some TLC occasionally, so this is a great opportunity to carry out some very easy maintenance and checks on your motorhome’s general health, preparing it for when we are free to get travelling again!

02 April 2020

We are still here for you - just remotely.

TC Motorhomes
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TC Motorhomes may be temporarily closed, but we are still here for you - just remotely.

Whilst our dealership is closed following Government advice regarding COVID-19, we are working remotely to continue to provide you with the help and support you need.

Until we can open again completely, we have colleagues working from home monitoring calls, emails and online enquiries.

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Our website continues to operate normally, with an outstanding choice of new and used motorhomes for you to choose from.

We are making available to NHS and front-line staff protective steering wheel and seat covers,

Please email us in the first instance:

If your car is due its MOT test, please note that the government has granted car owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing.

We very much appreciate your help and understanding during this challenging period and will continue to update our website as the situation changes.
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