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05 July 2019

Perfect Motorhomes for a road trip

After feeling inspired by the blog we posted for David and Christina who purchased a motorhome from us and then went for a road trip from Portugal to the east coast of Spain. 

We have picked three Chausson Motorhomes which we think would be perfect for anyone who has been dreaming of going on a road trip but doesn't know where to start when it comes to finding that perfectly suited motorhome.

Chausson Twist 594

The Chausson TWIST 594 is a 2 x berth campervan, with cooking, sleeping & washing facilities in a vehicle not much bigger than an estate car.

Imagine backing up to a Scottish landscape, a beautiful loch maybe, flinging open the two rear doors and sitting with a glass of wine watching the sun go down.

Also, picture yourself driving Scotland`s “Route 66” ... The North Coast 500” with its breath-taking scenery and challenging narrow roads. The Chausson Twist is so car like to drive and easy to manage. It would be the ideal choice for a trip to Bonny Scotland and just about anywhere else you care to imagine.Well specified and sensibly priced.

Chausson 530 Welcome

With similar qualities to the Twist,  the 530 Welcome remains compact and nimble, (its just under 6 x metres in length, and just 2.3 metres wide).

However, with its innovative `Drop-Down` bed design and full-width rear washroom,  the 530 offers improved sleeping washing, sleeping and cooking facilities not for 2 x persons, but for four.

Available on either the Fiat or Ford platforms the 530 is the benchmark compact 6 x metre coach-built motorhome in our market place today..

Chausson 630 Welcome Premium

The Chausson 630 Welcome Premium AUTOMATIC is a little longer than the Twist or the 530, and with its `Smart Lounge` design the extra space has been put to extremely good use.

At 7 x metres in length, it can still navigate the windy roads of Scotland, but for those who relish a little solitude it has two `drop-down` single beds that can be  used independently.

(when they are `together` at the same height, or fully down then they feel like a double bed).

So if one of you would like an afternoon siesta, without preventing your partner from using any of the other facilities on board, (like the kitchen, the washroom, or the lounge) the 630 might just be worth a second  look.

With its full width rear washroom and large wardobe, and cavernous garage the 630 offers something the Twist and the 530 cannot.

Storage , Space & more Storage. It has a garage that enables bikes and luggage to be stored safely away from the elements, and for those planning longer trips away this might be a feature worth having.

Capable of accommodating up to 4 x persons, and like the 530 model,  available on the Fiat or Ford platforms and also available in either manual or automatic transmissions.

For good reasons the 630 remains one of our `best-selling` motorhomes.

If you would like to book a viewing for any of these motorhomes please call 01227289111.

04 July 2019

Elddis ACCORDO 125

Ivan & Sandra from Margate are pictured taking delivery of their very first Motorhome, An Elddis ACCORDO 125 from our modern showroom located in Herne Bay, Kent.

Sandra confirmed that The Elddis Accordo is ideal for what they both need, something compact (it`s under 6 x Metres).

That can accommodate 2 x people comfortably, with a terrific specification.

She added..  We have now joined the Motorhome And Camping club and also Brit Stops (Overnight camping at Pubs, Farms and Vineyards).

Big wide open spaces here we come!

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