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30 September 2022

WIFI in a motorhome

How to connect a phone and other smart devices to the internet while camping.

Wireless internet has been around for years, but most people still aren't using it. Why not? It's easier than ever, Wi-Fi is an easy way to stay connected while on vacation or in remote locations.

Here's how to get started.

If you're planning a camping trip, you'll want to make sure you have access to a reliable source of Wi-Fi. You have the option to use a smartphone or tablet as a hotspot, but if you are using a mobile phone that doesn’t have much data it can become expensive.

A wireless router will allow you to share your connection with other devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and even Smart TV’s. Some of our customers are already up and running with Motorhome Wi-Fi and like the convenience and simplicity of using an Amazon Firestick, so if you already have one at home, why not utilise it whilst you are away in your motorhome!

The Motorhome Wi-Fi of choice with our customers seems to be the 5G Ready Compact + which we fit neatly into the motorhome, together with a discreet roof-top aerial for maximum signal reception.

The systems come with a Smarty mini sim include and are 30-day PAYG plans which can be topped up as and when or replaced with your own preferred sim, perhaps from your mobile phone supplier, where you may be able to negotiate a better data usage plan.

5G Ready Compact +: Fitted from £895 plus vat

Similar 4G systems:  Fitted from £495 plus vat

If you would more information on Wi-Fi set up or would like to book your motorhome for us to fit it then please feel free to contact us on 01227 289111.

29 September 2022

The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2022

The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2022 gets underway at the Birmingham NEC Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 18th October and concludes on Sunday 23rd October.

T C Motorhomes are the UK's only 'Solus' Chausson Dealership, and are based in Herne Bay Kent, and we are delighted to confirm that Shane Catterick from TC's will be at the NEC Exhibition on the Chausson stand for the duration of the show.

Chausson: Stand no: 8.20 (Hall 8)

If you would like to buy tickets for this event from the Motorhome and Caravan website then Click Here

If you are interested in speaking with Shane, then ask for him on the stand or call him direct on 0791 786 8897 and join him there for a tea or a coffee and a biscuit! and to discuss one of these fantastic New Chausson Motorhomes.

The New 2023 Chausson Motorhomes available at TC Motorhomes this season, will be at the Motorhome Show for you to look around and ask questions about.

Here`s a list of what is on display:

Chausson Low Profile Motorhome

  • 640 Titanium Ultimate
  • 660 Titanium Ultimate
  • 720 Titanium Ultimate
  • 777GA Titanium Ultimate
  • 788 Titanium Ultimate

Chausson Slim Line Motorhome

  • S514 Slim Line Sport Line
  • S697 GA Slim Line Sport Line

If you are from Kent or beyond and would like to purchase a new Chausson or used motorhome and favour the idea of dealing with an established dealership reasonably close to home, (a sensible plan most people would agree) you can contact me, Shane Catterick at the show on 0791 786 8897 or back at the dealership on 01227 289111 after the event.

Increasingly we are finding, that customers are using the National Show to ‘narrow’ their choice of suitable vehicles, (its ideal for this purpose, with so many motorhomes essentially under one large roof to view and appraise), to create a short list of perhaps one or two models, and then visit us here in Herne Bay, (or their local dealer if there`s one nearer than us) where sensible reasoned discussions can take place, in a more tranquil less pressurised environment than you might find at the show.

As well as being able to view the latest Chausson Motorhomes available for the 2023 season the Caravan and Motorhome show has stands that feature camping related products, holiday destinations, motorhome manoeuvring and campervan test drives.

Lots to see and in a pleasant dry environment!

I hope to see you there at the show, or if you prefer, back here at TC Motorhomes!

Shane Catterick

Got a question? Contact us!