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01 May 2020

Motorhome Storage

To Store Or Not To Store ?

For some Motorhome & Touring Caravan owners the decision to store their vehicle at home, or in a storage compound is a tricky one.

Even for those fortunate enough to have sufficient space and access at home for a Caravan or Motorhome, there are often other important considerations.

Like, are there any covenants prohibiting me from keeping my vehicle at home, or with respect to my neighbours should I look to keep my vehicle in a storage compound, rather than on the driveway at home.

If you have decided for whatever reason that your vehicle must go into storage,
You might like to search storage options within a close radius from home, so that the inconvenience of going and recovering your vehicle when it`s required is minimised.

One body that may be able to assist you in your search for a suitable secure site is The Caravan Site Storage Owners Association.
With over 400 approved CaSSOA sites across the UK, there is hopefully one close at hand, and with security being a prime consideration for Insurance Companies your Insurance costs may well be lower as a result of choosing a CaSSOA site.

Happy Hunting!

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