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22 April 2020

Essential Motorhome Routines

It`s frustrating not being able to use your Motorhome right now, isn’t it ... ?

However there are maintenance routines that maybe get missed in normal times, that right now we all have time in the world to be doing.

Here`s a quick and easy one to consider Lubricating All Door and Locker Locks.

This is a task that might only take you 5-10 minutes, but could save you a heap of heartache if a door locker was to seize at some stage in the future, locking you out or necessitating replacing the lock.

Our suggestion is that you find a suitable lock lubricant, (we suggest one that has a PTFE Content is best) and examples like GT85  or 3 In 1 are ideal to use to work your way around your motorhome, spraying a little lubricant into the lock, and then working it in with the key. Remember to wipe off any excess lubricant that may have spilled on to the bodywork. As a result your locks should work better and stay that way for longer.

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