Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

06 May 2020

Chausson Motorhome Beds

When you buy a new motorhome you want to make sure its equipped with a good quality mattress.

The mattresses in Chausson Motorhomes are specially designed with high-quality foam which and encased in a drill fabric that is antibacterial and anti-dust mite for optimal hygiene and certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 that is free of substances harmful to your health.

On Lowprofile premium and A-Class models, all the mattresses (for the main bedding) have:
high-resilience foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of your body for minimum pressure, a thermal-regulating Thermocool covering for better dissipation of body heat, with a layer of reinforced wadding for a soft feel and optimal-quality bedding.

Most of the main bedding comes with a sturdy slatted base as a standard feature for greater comfort and ventilation, with a metal frame for better resistance.

When it comes to island beds Chausson once again pioneers by offering an exceptional standard width of 160 cm, regardless of range level.

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