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03 May 2024

Hymercar Ayers Rock Handover

Couple stood next to a red Hymercar Ayers Rock

David & Yvonne, like many of our customers, found that finding the right vehicle at the right price, from a dealership with a proven track record, isn't always easy. Sometimes, travel is necessary.

David and Yvonne, from Northampton, did just that! They found their ideal campervan, a Hymercar Ayers Rock, at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent.

The Hymercar's overall size and elevating roof provide the flexibility and mobility they desired, something larger, less compact motorhomes lack.

Shane Catterick and his colleagues at TC Motorhomes thank David and Yvonne for their trust in making the journey. A short video presentation of the vehicle convinced them of two things: (A) this was the right campervan, and (B) this was the right dealership.

If you would like to know more about the Used Motorhomes available at our showroom visit: Used Motorhomes or contact Shane Catterick on 01227 289111. 

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