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26 January 2023

Jaspers Travels

Just before Christmas we sold a Chausson 640 Used Motorhome to a lovely lady called Karen. 

Karen and Jasper (her cat) have already travelled over 1000 miles just over the xmas hoildays, once she got in to her New Motorhome she just kept going! 

In the near future the pair are planning on a roadtrip to France, the only plan at this point is to get there, Karen has no real destination in mind and is just going to drive. 

Above you can see a photo of Jasper just chilling while Karen popped in to Pets at Home to get some provisions. 

Karen wrote to us just after Christmas updating us and letting us know how happy she is. 

She wrote, 

"I am in love 😍.  When I am out in the moho, I don't want to come home....

Drives like a dream, everything about her is perfect and suits me fantastically. Cat loves it too. 

Since I collected her, she has done York and parts of the Peak District over Xmas. 

Then down the coast from Folkestone through Brighton, Portsmouth, into the New Forest and down to Bournemouth before turning for home, over New Year. 

I wild camped using park4nite and it was amazing and so easy, had everything I needed. 

Have somehow managed to clock up 1000 miles already on my travels...."

The above photo prompted some more questions! Apparently Jasper is just like a dog and doesn't go far from Karen at any time, he wears a tracker when he is out of the motorhome. When Karen visited the New Forest Jasper took himself out for a quick look about the local area and returned back for breakfast and a nap. 

We look forward to hearing more from Karen and seeing some more of Jasper's adventures. 

Karen left us a review on Google you can read it here: TC Motorhomes Review by Karen on Google.

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