Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

05 June 2020

What is i.R.P Technology

What is i.R.P Technology Protection on Chausson Motorhomes.

iRP stands for Insulation, Resistance and Protection and because Chausson are confident that your motorhome is protected against, leaks, storms, heat and cold they offer a 7 year warranty on water tightness. This gives peace of mind knowing that your motorhome won’t start having leaks appear.

The insulation used in the Chausson range of motorhomes is made of up of different types of top quality materials,  to ensure that your motorhome maintains thermal insulation, meaning the motorhome is great in either cold or hot weather temperatures and you can maintain your chosen internal temperature economically.


Chausson use a protective polyester (GRP) skin which gives a resistance to the motorhome from scratches, chips caused from gravel on the road and damage caused by extreme weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation from the sun

The floors and the roof have been made extra thick which means they are robust and can withstand weight without deforming with use over time.


Chausson Motorhomes use materials that are anti-rot and the materials are glued together on the aluminium frame instead of drilled to minimise holes that could cause leaks.

The outer shell is covered in polyester (GRP) to protect the exterior from extreme weather such as hail stones, and is also resistant to salt.

7-year Warranty on water-tightness

Chausson are confident that the materials and methods used to build the motorhome mean that you will be guaranteed for 7 years against leaks if you Buy a new Chausson motorhome.

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