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20 November 2019

Best Motorhome Apps

Most people own a smart phone these days and there are some great apps available for Motorhome owners.

Have you thought about the possible apps that could aid you with planning a road trip? Apps that suggest places where you can park at night, or where the nearest petrol stations are located, or can map out a route putting into consideration the size of a motorhome?

We have put together a list of some apps that we felt could be useful for your next adventure.


This app gathers information from the community and shares in a neat easy to use interface. You can search by country, region, town to filter your results and then read reviews from other people who have visited listed places.

More info: park4night

CoPilot Navigation

This navigation app is built to accommodate larger vehicles and can advise of routes which will not have any size/weight restrictions. You can choose scenic routes which is ideal of anyone who is looking to discover the natural beauty of a new country they are visiting.

More info: CoPilot Navigation

National Trust

This is a great app if you're taking a trip around the UK. Packed with lots of great experiences, including Historic houses and gardens, archaeological sites and monuments as well as coastline and countryside walks.

More info: National Trust

Motorhome Services UK

An app which has information for all the UK's motorway service stations and what amenities are available. 

Only available on iPhone


This is a similar app to Motorhome Services UK but covers Europe and available on both iPhone and Android.

More info: TransPark


With all the above applications installed the final thing you will need is an instagram account to share all of your photos from all the wonderful places you will be visiting with friends and family. 

More info: Instagram

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