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13 August 2019

705% First Registration & Road License Increases

After 1st September 2019 the government is proposing an unjustified 705% First Registration & Road License Increases on all New Motorhomes.

Everyone in the Motorhome community needs to work together and do everything we can to get these changes stopped!

Even if at this point in your life you don't own a Motorhome it could be something you wish to own in the future.

Please sign the petition here, follow the steps below and share with your friends and family.

We thank everyone whos getting involved on behalf of the whole industry.

Step 1

Look up the email address of your local MP using your postcode


Step 2

Copy and paste the text from the Word document into a new email, ready to send to the email address of your MP


(Add/edit the MP name as part of the greeting and add your own signatory details)

Step 3

Attached the PDF file entitled 'Briefing Note' to the email

Step 4

Send the email to your MP and copy in
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