Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

01 November 2018

TC Motorhomes Choose Chausson

T C  Motorhomes of Hillborough, Herne Bay have announced that they will become mainland UK`s only solus Chausson Motorhome Dealership with immediate effect.

Tony Chamberlain and Shane Catterick are pictured being congratulated on their decision to become a `solus` Chausson Motorhome Dealership.

Pictured from Right To Left, Pascal Lidome (Chausson Export Manager Motorhomes), Jeff Kendrick (Chausson Commercial Director UK), Tony Chamberlain (Dealer Principle – T C Motorhomes), Shane Catterick (Sales Manager – T C Motorhomes)

In a market place that continues to grow beyond all expectations,and with Chausson Motorhomes already the most popular imported brand to the UK, the decision to focus `absolutely` on Chausson
Was an easy one for T C `s.

T C Motorhomes were appointed main dealers for Chausson Motorhomes in 2013, and since then the relationship between the two companies has flourished, and gone from strength to strength.

Chausson`s popularity continues to grow across Europe as consumers fully appreciate the innovation, the quality, the depth and wide range of products, and the modern contemporary styling that have become the watchwords at Chausson.

T C `s Dealer Principle confirmed that T C Motorhomes would continue to provide a `one-stop-shop` experience for all of it`s customers, including sales and after-sales facilities, and would

Seek to continually improve the Chausson experience at it`s Dealership in Hillborough, just outside Herne Bay, East Kent.

For further information contact:

Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes : 01227 : 289111

The future`s bright, the future`s CHAUSSON ..
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