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18 April 2018

Car Theft - Childs Play

Keyless technology making car theft "child's play"

In the last three years car crime has surged - there are some worrying facts and footage in the Daily Mail article.

A Ghost immobiliser will stop a thief from driving away in your vehicle for just £399 supplied & fitted - even if they steal the keys, they will need to know your 'code' before being able to start the car.

Free anti hi-jack on Pandora Light Pro (worth £150)

The Pandora Light Pro Main features:
  • 128 bit encryption
  • Bluetooth smartphone app
  • 5 sensors
  • Dual prox with warn away
  • Tilt, movement and impact sensor.
  • Up to one mile range LCD remote
  • Immobiliser tags with handsfree locking and unlocking

£700 Supplied & Fitted

Optional extras (+£150 each):
Remote Start
Anti hi-jack

Vans being opened like a tin can to avoid the alarm!

Thieves have also been breaking into vans by cutting the sides open rather than going through a door. This prevents the alarm from triggering and allows the thieves to help themselves to the contents of the van.
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