Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

03 February 2018

Chausson 718 XLB SE Handover

Trudy and Chris from Chatham Kent were recommended to T C Motorhomes for their first motorhome purchase by Debs and Steve of Gillingham who are both regularly out motorhoming in their new Chausson 728, they have fountains of important Motorhome knowledge and Know-How, very good friends of Chris & Trudy and very good customers of T C `s.

With nothing seemingly suitable or available at the Detling Motorhome Show in June last year, Chis & Trudy decided to visit the NEC Indoor Motorhome Show at Birmingham in October last year.

There, they once again met with Shane Catterick of T C Motorhomes who introduced them to the all new Chausson 718 XLB SE, which seemed to be offering most of what Chris & Trudy wanted in their new motorhome.

A deal was struck at the show and they have just taken delivery of their fantastic new Chausson Motorhome and are now busy planning their first outings with their good friends.

Trudy added, "if we have forgotten how an appliance works, Debs & Steve will have the answer".

Shane Catterick and his colleagues at T C Motorhomes would like to take this opportunity to thank Debs & Steve for their recommendation, and of course Trudy & Chris themselves for having the faith to place their order for a New Chausson Motorhome from us.

So far so good, the are loving every minute!

For more information please contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes. 
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