Chausson Motorhomes on forecourt

25 May 2011

Travel Blog - Part 6

Plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful view from our pitch and apart from a couple of days of wind and rain the weather has been hot and sunny.

The walk down into the town is fine, but coming back is uphill and a bit of a struggle if the sun is too hot, however the walk doesn’t need to be on the road all the way as there are many narrow roads leading down to the lower road by the sea.

Found a lovely little restaurant and enjoyed large shrimps fried with garlic and a bowl of chips!  Good thing we had to walk up the hill afterwards – hopefully it got rid of a few of the calories!

Oranges, almonds, figs and nesparro seem to grow in early everyone’s gardens and there are so many beautiful wild flowers which we don’t see in England.

Ferries go regularly from Orebic to the town of Korcula on the island of Korcula which is a 10-15 minute trip and well worth it.  We only visited the town itself which is on the level for the main part but on one side of the main street there are narrow streets of steps going up to the buildings on the hillside and on the other is a walled city, built on a hill, with many narrow alleyways leading off the main street, some with steps, some just steep, and with little shops and dozens of eating places everywhere.  A really lovely atmosphere which is very difficult to describe!

We felt very privileged to be invited by Duska (campsite owner) to a luncheon on Sunday to celebrate the birthday of her husband, Jani.  A wonderful experience sitting with friends and family and some of the other regular visitors to the site.  A real time of celebration with plenty of wine and schnapps along with platters of meats, canap├ęs and potato salad, followed by goulash with what looked a bit like pasta but had the consistency of bread dumplings, then grilled meat, followed by cake with plenty of fresh fruit and cream.  This was also accompanied by plenty of singing of what we took to be Croatian folksongs.  Certainly something to be remembered for a long time.
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