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27 April 2011

Travel Blog - Part 3

We have made several expeditions into Ljubljana on the bus – bought a plastic ‘credit-type card’ from Reception and put enough money on it to cover our fares.  Everyone, it seems uses these cards and just holds them against a little machine as they get on the bus – we never saw a driver taking money for a fare.

With the aid of a guide book we found our way around very easily and a ride on the little street-train took us up to the famous Ljubljana castle where there were some fantastic views.

The streets seem to be lined with cafes and everywhere you go you see tables and chairs laid out down the street.  We found a wonderful place called Sokol which served traditional Slovenian food and where we had a lovely lunch-time snack of soup in a bread cup.  We later went to that restaurant for an evening meal to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary.

Terry had booked in advance and as it was a special occasion the staff had gone out of their way to make it a special time.  All the tables and chairs were made of wood but our table had a white table-cloth, tea-lights on the table and a decoration made up of baubles and a pot covered in gold mesh with holly in it!  They had even put lovely tall glasses out ready for us, and had greeted us with a complimentary drink!

Most of the week had been quite cold (not surprising really as there was still snow on the mountains not too far away) and our van registered an outside temperature of around 5º each morning!  On our last day however there was a complete change and although morning and evening were a bit on the cold side the sun was very hot during the day.

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