16 January 2018

Chausson Motorhome factory

David Sharpe and Peter Eddington (both engineers at T C Motorhomes) and Shane Catterick (Sales Department) have just returned from a Training Seminar and familiarisation trip to the Chausson Motorhome factory in Tournon Sur Rhone in France.

Here is a short video giving customers and anyone who may want an insight into what a busy factory looks like. In the factory they are producing over 30 quality new motorhomes a day!

If you would like to know more about the range of Chausson Motorhomes available from us then please visit our Chausson Motorhome page.

15 January 2018

Target Blu Eye

Emergency Vehicle Alert, Warns you of approaching Emergency Services

Such as marked and unmarked Police Cars, Ambulances and Fire Engines

Target Blu Eye warns of any radio activity from emergency vehicles alerting a driver to the presence of Ambulance, Fire Engine or Police cars. Listening for activity on emergency services radio without intercepting or monitoring them, the Target Blu warns of the presence of emergency service vehicles. Drivers receive a visible warning on a small, neat display via a number of LED’s which change colour dependent on how close the vehicle is allowing them to take evasive action in a safe and controlled manner.

Is It Legal?

Yes, the use of Target Blu Eye is legal since the system is only informing the driver whether an emergency service vehicle is nearby. Moreover, Target Blu Eye cannot differentiate between police vehicles, ambulances or fire engines. You will be warned of all types of emergency vehicles in the same way.

We would like to emphasize that Target Blu Eye is not able to decode the radio messages broadcasted by the Airwave network.

To find out more visit the Target Blu Eye Website

11 January 2018

Motorhome Show 2018


It’s the UK’s biggest showcase of motorhomes, campervans, caravans, caravan holiday homes and lodges. Plus new season tents of all sizes, trailer tents, folding caravans and holiday accessories all under one roof.

You’ll also find great ideas, inspiration, and advice on where to go and what to do on your next adventure. Your holiday, short break or outdoor pursuit starts here!

Don’t miss this great family day out. You can view the highlights from the 2017 show below …

CLICK HERE To view the Motorhome Show's website where you can find out all about the show's events and which companies will be there.

We will be there as always and you will get the chance to meet Shane and find out more about all the Motorhomes and services available from us.


We have 20 tickets available to our customers on a first come basis. If you would like to take advantage of this offer and bag yourself some free tickets to visit the show please visit https://www.tcmotorhomes.com/contact/ and fill in our form with your request.