13 July 2016

Automatic Transmission Motorhome

Automatically  !!

The availability of Automatic Transmission in a motorhome has for many years been a `bone of contention`, with very few of the mainstream motorhome chassis suppliers offering an Automatic option. Fortunately that changed a few years ago when Fiat introduced their AUTOMATIC Gearbox ~ the Comfortmatic.

Fiat Europe expects to attract most interest for its new Automatic Gearbox from the motor home conversion market, which forms one of Fiat Ducato's largest single buying sectors.

“With the majority of the MTA gearboxes ( Manual Transmission – Automated )  expected to be fitted to motor homes, Fiat honed the gearbox to the specific needs and wants of motor home drivers, making it the perfect gearbox for UK / European Motorhome users – as economical as a manual on the open road,  and as easy to use as an automatic around town,” said Shane Catterick of T C Motorhomes Herne Bay Kent.

“The MTA gearbox also has significant advantages for Motorhome users, as it eliminates driver wear and tear on the clutch and gearbox and ensures that the Ducato is always operating at its optimum economy, a significant advantages in tough economic times when every pound counts.”

TC Motorhomes have many Automatic Gearbox motorhomes in stock right now, including the fabulous 510 / 610 and 728 Chausson models, also in stock are some very impressive Used Motorhomes as well, including at the moment a Swift Sundance and Autotrail Chieftain motorhome.

Call now and discover why Motorhome drivers increasingly want the comfort and relaxation that driving a vehicle with Automatic transmission provides.

For more information about our selection of new and used motorhomes, with manual or Automatic Transmission, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01227 289111.