04 May 2016

Chausson 610 FLASH Handover

John and Maria are pictured collecting their new Chausson 610 FLASH from Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay Kent ..

Having placed their order last year for the award winning Chausson 610 , they have been patiently waiting for this day, And weren’t they lucky! collecting their new Chausson in glorious bright Saturday morning sunshine.

John and Maria travelled down to T C `s earlier today by train and were met At the Herne Bay Train Station, Which would then enable them to travel home together in their new Motorhome, following a detailed handover instruction by David Sharpe at T C `s.

The compact yet extremely spacious layout of the 610 appealed to John and Maria. With busy working lives, for them the motorhome will be used often but sometimes just for a long weekend `here and there`. And as a result they didn’t want a massive motorhome that was cumbersome and that couldn’t be easily navigated through towns and villages ..

John has contract work in some of the biggest cities and so is well aware on some of our busiest roads, for the need to `see and be seen`. Which is why his new Chausson is fitted with the very latest in `All-Around Vision`  technology a series of discreet cameras all around the vehicle displaying images on to a 7” dash top screen.The system which T C Motorhomes fit is the Omni-Vue 360˚ 'Look-Down' Camera System which monitor’s the front back and sides of the vehicle and creates one `virtual` image of a camera looking down on the vehicle.

Its amazing !!

All of these important views can be recorded by the Omni-Vue Camera System providing valuable evidence of reckless drivers or deliberate scammers.

For more information on the Chausson range of motorhomes, or the all new OMNIVIEW” Camera Systems please contact Shane Catterick at T C Motorhomes Ltd Tel: 01227 289111