05 May 2016

360˚ Omni-Vue™ Park - Motorhome

360˚ Omni-Vue™ Park is an innovative camera system that provides drivers with a 'look-down' view all around their motorhome, making parking, reversing and manoeuvring safe and easy.

360˚ Omni-Vue™ Park can also be supplied with an optional 'accident recorder', WiFi enabled, which will record both the front camera and the 'look-down' image.

360˚ Omni-Vue™ Park can be supplied with or without a monitor; if the motorhome includes a built-in screen with a video-input, then this could be utilised to display the system/camera images.

Optional Accident Recorder

DR-120, a 2CH DVR/'accident recorder', pictured above, can be supplied with 360˚ Omni-Vue™ Park, which may help to reduce insurance premiums and provide vital evidence from any incident or accident. The full front camera video is recorded as well as the blended, 360˚, 'look-down' view, meaning that all sides of the vehicle are 'protected'. The saved video can also be saved via WiFi, meaning that the small unit can easily be hidden away.

To find out  more about the 360˚ Omni-Vue™ Park contact Shane or Neil on 01227 289111.