06 August 2015

Motorhome Winter Tyres

Mike and Mandy are pictured having just made some important changes to their beautiful Chausson motorhome.

They are both keen skiers, (in fact Mike is a Skiing Instructor) and so both enjoy many weeks on the slopes throughout the skiing season, November through until May.

With several trips already in the diary for this year and next, Mike was particularly keen to ensure that their Chausson Motorhome was prepared for what lay ahead and so has invested in some smart looking Alloy road wheels and at the same time has had fitted some Winter Tyres.

Gone are the days when `winter tyres` were only used for a few weeks of the year!

The Winter Tyres of today can offer all year round `extra grip` in most driving conditions with wet or dry roads.

Road Noise and excessive wear are minimal, in fact a similar mileage is expected from a modern winter tyre compared to a general road tyre.

And the cost?

Mike and Mandy were very pleased with pricing package they secured for Wheels & Tyres through T C Motorhomes in Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6TE.

So It would seem there are few if any negatives of a modern `Winter Tyre`, being used all year around and next time Mike & Mandy are scaling or descending a mountain pass, with snow all around them, they will be re-assured by the extra grip afforded to them from the Winter Tyres they have just had fitted.

For more details and pricings for Tyres or road wheels for motorhomes, contact Shane Catterick at TC Motorhomes on 01227 289111.