24 August 2015

Elddis Motorhomes are coming to TC

TC Motorhomes are delighted to have been awarded the all new Elddis Motorhome franchise by Elddis, who are part of the explorer group.

Elddis have recognised & now appointed TC Motorhome`s as their newest franchised Elddis Motorhome dealer.

Karen Martin, the account manager at Elddis, confirmed her delight that this brand's new innovative range of Elddis Motorhomes will soon be on display at the brand new showroom facilities of TC`s.

Elddis Motorhomes are coach-built and are the first fully bonded motorhomes ever, using a world class construction system, the same pioneering and proven technology seen in many other forms such as Formula 1 cars and aircraft assembly. its called “Solid”. ( solid / light / dry )

The Elddis range of motorhomes are the result of one of the most comprehensive product design programmes the industry has ever known, and the `Solid` construction system used by Elddis is seen by many, as one of the most significant developments in leisure vehicle construction technology for over thirty years.

Tony Chamberlain,  the dealer principle of TC Motorhomes was pleased that the TC Motorhomes success was being recognised by some of the biggest names in the industry.

He added that the success of his team in Herne Bay was entirely the result of their collective focus, on delivering customer satisfaction and supplying quality products, be it new or used, and offering excellent value for money.

TC Motorhomes is an established motorhome dealership that already has new motorhome franchises which include, Swift, Autocruise, Bailey & Chausson at its location in Herne Bay.

For more information on the range of motorhomes, contact Shane Catterick, or Neil Kinsley at TC Motorhomes, on: 01227 289111.