25 September 2013

Coldest Journey Feedback

Webasto heaters - still working perfectly at -55°C & after 120 days of inactivity

The following is a feedback from Ian Prickettt, Ice Team member, from the Coldest Journey, which describes Webasto’s Air Top 5500 & Thermo 90 systems in the Caboose.

“Everything is running amazingly well with the Webasto’s.  The wet system we only actually use once a week on our allotted shower night of Sunday.  However, flick the switch, wait an hour and the shower is ready for use!  It is one of our luxuries while we are down here that’s for sure.  We don't really get much heat in the radiators to be fair.  We will usually fill the melt tank prior to our shower so most of the energy and heat in the pipes is sucked up in the tank, however the radiator certainly gets some heat in her as well.  I can honestly say, the wet and Air Tops are truly amazing and we don't have any trouble with them other than when the snow is so bad the drift builds up and blocks the exhaust.  Once cleaned, they fire right up again”. 

“We only have 1 Air Top running as well in the evening when we go to sleep and with the 4m trunk blowing into the main sleeping area, this is more than adequate.  Considering its been down to -55°C outside, that’s quite something!”

D6N Caterpillar Webasto Pre-heating Feedback

The following is a feedback from Ian Prickettt, from the Coldest Journey which describes the engine pre-heating in the caterpillars:

“The Webasto’s and heating system on the Cats were supplied by a company called Arctic Fox.  They are 13kw wet systems for the preheat of the engine coolant, which is plumbed through the hydraulic tank, fuel tank and under a tray below the batteries. They have also been amazing and we were all very impressed that it fired up straight away after 3 months of shut down in -50°C”

Click below to view Richmond Dykes, the Ice Team Mechanic, blog on the CAT heaters;