27 August 2013

Alu-tech fifth anniversary


Bailey reaches another major manufacturing milestone as the Alu-tech construction system celebrates its fifth anniversary

Bailey recently reached another major manufacturing milestone as the Alu-Tech construction system celebrated its fifth anniversary. To date 25,000+ leisure vehicles  built using this multi-award winning technology have rolled off the production line, following four years of a proven track record of performance in use.

To put this in perspective if these caravans and motorhome were positioned nose to tail in a straight line they would stretch for over 150 miles which is equivalent to the distance from London to Cardiff.  

The result of the most comprehensive product design programme the industry has ever undertaken known Alu-Tech is seen by many as the most significant development in leisure vehicle production technology for over thirty years.

Providing genuine design innovation is it a construction system so unique that it has five new patents registered and one which has required the creation of over one hundred new bespoke component parts to build it. As a result Bailey leisure vehicles are now some of the best engineered and the most technically advanced products on the market and ones which offer real and tangible benefits of ownership to our customers.

The first product to feature this ground-breaking technology was the Pegasus touring caravan range which debuted at the Motorhome & Caravan Show three years ago in October 2009. Since then Bailey has rolled out the Alu-Tech system across its whole portfolio, highlighting its flexibility, and to date it has produced seven touring caravan ranges, two motorhome ranges and one leisure home range using this production method.

Prior to the development of the Alu-Tech construction system (which began in 2007) there had been little change in leisure vehicle body shell design for over thirty years. Conventional assemblies consisted of sandwich construction timber frame laminated and semi-laminated panels cloaked in exterior plastic mouldings which were secured together using a combination of adhesives and exterior fastenings.

With Alu-Tech Bailey adopted a different approach through the introduction an interlocking aluminium extrusion external framework which clamps the body panels together to produce a shell that is inherently more rigid and more durable. This method of assembly also helped to significantly reduce the number of external joints and fixing points, thus minimising the number of potential water access points and improving the overall integrity of the protective shell.

Bailey also implemented a series of design changes to the body shell panels themselves increasing their thickness to provide vehicles with unrivalled strength and thermal insulation capabilities. In addition, more radically, the Development Team removed all the timber components in the sides and roof and replaced them with a composite plastic internal skeleton and a GRP inner wall lining to limit the impact any possible water ingress may cause.

When you consider that these all these benefits of ownership were achieved without a cost or a weight penalty you can begin to see why the Alu-Tech construction system is so unique.

For more information on the Alu-Tech story visit: www.baileyalu-tech.co.uk

The successful implementation of any new leisure vehicle design technology will always be dependent on the people behind it and this, above all else, is where Bailey really delivers as a manufacturer.

All of our caravans and motorhomes are built in the Company's state-of-the-art South Liberty Lane production plant which is widely regarded as the most advanced in the country, and the only one to feature a fully mechanised assembly line, to provide the perfect facility in which to construct our products both accurately and efficiently. Within the factory we have adopted modern manufacturing principals by organising our salaried workforce into multi-skilled production cells to provide the expertise and flexibility required to produce a comprehensive range of sophisticated products.

Together these two factors help ensure that Bailey is best placed to respond to the changing nature of the market place by having the unrivalled ability to embrace new product  innovation.

For more information on the company behind the caravans & motorhomes please visit: www.bailey-aboutus.co.uk

Commenting on the Alu-Tech success story Bailey Managing Director Nick Howard said

 "Since its introduction four years ago Alu-Tech has changed the way people think about leisure vehicle construction. To have reached this milestone in such a short period of time is testimony to the popularity of the benefits the systems provides to customers and its proven track record of performance in use"

"Five years on and we remain committed to an Alu-Tech future based upon the firm belief that this ground-breaking technology continues to provide the most complete and effective design solution for the needs of our caravan & motorhome customers" he added. 

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