25 March 2013

Bailey in the Desert

These photos link into a previous story we posted of a Mr & Mrs Bradley having purchased their new Bailey Approach Motorhome from us ... and as intrepid motorhomers booked themselves on an arranged tour of Morocco..

Mr and Mrs Bradley have sent us a micro blog of their experience to share with others.


Would we do again? Yes but not at the same pace.  Was it a culture shock? Yes definitely a Third World Country.  Out of the towns, locals would ask if you had any old clothes - not interested in money.  Children and adults along the roadside wave at you as you go along in your motorhome.   

DIESEL – Very cheap 80p a litre. Water – only fit for washing, use bottled water for drinking, cooking, cleaning teeth etc.
Coffee – Very good and cheap some places excellent. Mint tea – The same as coffee, but an acquired taste.

Cigarettes cheap, average £2 for 20.  Beer and wine – although taboo by religion is available in some supermarkets and from secret hidden cellars in some shops just drop the shopkeeper a hint that you are running low on drink.

FACILITIES:  Toilet/Shower: From what we saw, we used van amenities as always, barely adequate. Chemical toilet emptying points always clean. Electric and water points can be some distance (well over 25m) from van.

MILEAGE:  We did 1634 miles in Morrocco.

ROUTE: Our route took us through the Riff, Mid Atlas and High Atlas Mountains, onto the edge of the Sahara Desert and along the Atlantic coast.  Some of the places we stopped at or passed through were Martil, Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Fez, Azrou, Meski, Erg Chebbi, Tamtattouche, Todra Gorge, Quarzazate,Marakesh, Essaouira.

ROADS: Narrow, not very well kept with unlimited potholes, just about wide enough for two trucks to pass sometimes not even this was possible. Motorways about the same as a poor dual carriageway in UK but they come complete with pedestrians, sheep, bikes and donkey carts. 

Speed camera’s are everywhere especially when you get within sight of a sign showing an increase of the limit.  If you get caught hint to the policeman that the fine means that you will not have dinner that night and the chances are it will reduce the fine [half for you – half for him], not corrupt just friendly.  Right of Way; there is none not even if you are going through a green light unless the police are showing a presence.

We have posted more photos in the Album called - Bailey Motorhome in the Desert on our Facebook page. CLICK HERE.