23 May 2012

Load Distribution

SvTech's new FREE Load Distribution Program for Motorhomes


SvTech Ltd, the specialist vehicle re-rating company, today unveils its new Load Distribution Analysis (LDA) program for all users of motorhomes, horseboxes, vans and minibuses in an effort
to improve vehicle safety. It can be found at www.svtech.co.uk/lda, and being web-based, is compatible with all iPads, iPhones, Android platforms, and PC’s.

Over the past 18 months SvTech has been offering free weight checks to motorhome and horsebox users across the UK, and has discovered that over 50% of those tested were running overweight, thus invalidating their insurance, and thereby becoming a safety risk on the road.

In an effort to promote greater awareness amongst road-users of the dangers of overloading, SvTech designed an application that allows an owner/operator to calculate their likely laden weight. This is calculated by the user entering the vehicle’s unladen weight and then adding their desired loads, e.g. Bike Rack, Awning, Horses, Water, Fuel, Passengers.

The program then calculates the results, based on the data entered, to give a Load Distribution Analysis, and warning if the user has overloaded a particular axle or axles. The user will then know how much they are able to carry safely. SvTech can advise on any problems arising, as the company is able to increase the payload allowance on many makes and models.

Beginning in February 2012, SvTech joined forces with the British Horse Society (BHS) and NFU Mutual, to highlight Horsebox safety and the dangers of overloading. They are visiting a number of events together to offer advice and free weight checks to all horsebox users, the results of which can be used in the LDA program. Visit www.svtech.co.uk for event dates.

About SvTech

SvTech have been at the forefront of commercial vehicle and LCV re-rating for nearly 20 years, offering their engineering support to Manufacturers, converters and bodybuilders alike. They have carried out dynamic brake and suspension testing for most makes and models, and are recognised by VOSA and DVLA as well as every Manufacturer as being experts in their field. Visit www.svtech.co.uk or email Richard Drinkwater, Marketing, PR & Business Development, at Richard@svtech.co.uk