30 January 2012

Bailey Approach SE Motorhomes

Bailey Approach SE Motorhomes receive EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Bailey is please to confirm that their Approach SE motorhome range has been awarded EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

In order to achieve this standard a motorhome must conform to the host of stringent European Directives that govern the design of all road vehicles and the systems they contain. Notably it ensures compliance with strict weight, dimension and safety regulations. Also required is verification that there are Conformity of Production systems in place to ensure all production models continue to comply with all of the necessary legislation.

This initiative operates in conjunction with the National Caravan Council certification programme which covers compliance with legislation, standards and codes of practice specifically relating to health and safety issues to ensure the vehicle is both legal and safe.

This dual validation process operates in conjunction with other Bailey specific initiatives to ensure that our products remain amongst the safest in the industry. Notably these include the recent crash test simulations carried out at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground. There Bailey committed to a series of 30 mph or 50 kmph frontal impact tests on a cell containing the dedicated rear passenger seating area.

Throughout the testing the Alu-Tech bodyshell stood up well to the examination and required very little in the way of modification. However, following the results of the initial trails, Bailey did make changes to the design of both the caravan floor and furniture, as well as re-locating under locker lighting, to enhance passenger protection. In addition the company has also taken the decision to include a dedicated stowage location for side mounted tables whilst in transit as this proved to be a significant hazard if left in situ in the event of an impact. 

These benefits have been incorporated into the designs of the Approach SE 745 and Approach SE 760 models which can, as a result, justifiably claim to be the safest products on the market. Recognition of this fact has come with the recent receipt of the Caravan Industry Magazine Award for Best Innovation in Motorhome Safety & Security 2012 for which we understandably proud.

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