08 November 2011

They Travel From Far & Wide!

T C Motorhome & Caravan Centre in Kent are grateful to Mr & Mrs A. McDougall from Ayrshire who recently purchased, a used Autocruise Vista motorhome.. Mr McDougall is pictured during the handover process at T C `s..

Mr McDougal had seen his chosen motorhome on the T C Motorhomes web-site :
www.tcmotorhomes.com  .. and was able to satisfy himself that not only was it the vehicle he wanted, but that he would be purchasing it from a dealer he would ultimately have complete faith & trust in, despite the fact there was 500 miles between us..

We didn’t disappoint ! ..
Mr M flew from Glasgow down to Stanstead, where his son was able to collect him, and they travelled together to our Motorhome Center located in Herne Bay, Kent.

Following a detailed handover of the motorhome, and a walk around the new sales and after-sales facilities at T C `s , and the completion of some paperwork.. not to mention a couple of coffee`s along the way, Mr M was on his way, a journey of some 540 miles back  home, where Mrs M would be waiting.

Food and drink provisions were placed aboard the Vista for Mr M`s journey home, which was planned over the next two days ..

The layout and overall dimensions of the Vista suited Mr and Mrs McDougall, but the excellent condition of this particular Vista, and the support they received throughout the sales process, from start to finish were key to their peace of mind.

Thanks again to Mr & Mrs McDougall, who represent a growing band of Motorhome & Caravan customers that are prepared to travel the length & breadth of the country to find the `right` vehicle,  from a dealership that they can trust ..

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