10 November 2011

Bailey Motorhome cold-chamber challenge

Bailey Motorhome proto-type takes on Millbrook cold-chamber challenge.

Motorhome Owners like to enjoy extended use of their vehicles throughout the year and it is important therefore that it can stand up to the elements - most notably to seasonal variations in temperature.

As part of the pre-launch product development programme Bailey decided therefore to subject their motorhome proto-type to a thermal grading test with the aim of proving that it could match the performance of its current Alu-Tech caravan ranges in achieving Grade III classification of Thermal Insulation (EN1646-I).

This is an automotive standard test carried out, in this instance, in a temperature controlled chamber at the Millbrook Proving Ground. To achieve the Grade III classification a motorhome must have passed a specified two part procedure covering both thermal performance and efficiency of a vehicle. 

Test Procedure

Thermal Performance
  1. Chamber including motorhome is cooled to – 15 degrees centigrade froman ambient temperature of + 20 degrees centigrade. This takes approximately 10 hours
  2. The motorhome heating is turned on and the inside temperature is raised to + 20 degrees centigrade. Maximum time allowed for this exercise is 4 hours 
  3. The motorhome internal temperature is stabilised at + 20 degrees for one hour
  4. Fresh water supply is connected and should be operational within the motorhome at this time when the outside temperature remains at -15 degrees centigrade.
Thermal Efficiency
  1. Measurement of the power requirement needed to sustain an internal temperature at +20 degrees for two hours with an outside temperature of -15 degrees centigrade.
  2. Motorhome was heated using the internal power supply from the Truma combi boiler 
  3. U-Value is calculated by dividing the Power Consumption by the multiple of  the Internal Area and the Temperature Difference. Maximum U-Value permitted is 1.2 W/m2K.
Details of the results of the testing will be published shortly.

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