24 August 2011

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Back In Herne Bay ….

I cannot quite believe that its over six months now since TC Motorhomes  moved its Motorhome & Caravan business  to a completely redeveloped modernized site in Sweechbridge Road Hillborough, just outside Herne Bay…The time has simply flown by !

Although previously a Caravan & Motorhome site and in many ways a site that `lent` itself to our type of business, the refurbishment and rejuvenation of the Herne Bay site on the run up to January this year has been dramatic and extensive.

Anyone visiting us now is immediately aware : that it’s a large site, a one-stop-shop, with extensive sales and after-sales facilities, and parking that is fit for purpose… There`s Space , Space & More Space! .. and we have workshops and workshop facilities that we can be truly proud of .. Now with MOT status! .. So whether its an MOT, A mechanical or Habitation service, or a cam belt replacement that you need, we can help, give us a call.

The range of new vehicles that we offer has expanded since we have been on site and now includes :
In addition to the broad selection of new, we also have an extensive range of used vehicles. With all sorts of different layouts and vehicle sizes, with a wide range of price points too.

We have used caravans starting from around £5000
We have used campervans & coachbuilts starting from around £10,000

Many guests to our site have commented favorably about how welcoming the site & its staff are, how clean & well presented the vehicles are, and how well the vehicles are explained to those who might be new to this exciting & enjoyable way of life / hobby… call it what you will..   

To see for yourself whats going on at TC Motorhomes in Herne Bay, why not call in, give us a call on: 01227 289111.

Or visit our web-site at  www.tcmotorhomes.com   

Shane Catterick

TC Motorhomes

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