28 August 2009

Selling a Motorhome or Caravan

Selling a Motorhome or a Caravan can be a difficult process, perhaps more difficult when you’re not looking for a replacement vehicle and therefore not able to part exchange your vehicle with a dealership.

There are many private advertising media, most of which are expensive and which one do you chose?

The thought of visitors coming to `view` doesn`t always inspire and how do you know that they are genuine buyers ?

How does one ensure that the payment for the Motorhome or Caravan is genuine, that the cheque isn`t a fraud ?

The Solution

TC Motorhomes provide an on-line `Motorhomes bought for cash` facility, which is both quick and easy to use.
Simply click the link to visit the website: motorhomesboughtforcash.co.uk

Provide the details of your Campervan, Motorhome or Touring Caravan, with ideally an indication of the price you require, along with your contact details, ideally a mobile telephone number and an email address.

We will then calculate it’s value based on the information provided and will call you to discuss.

If our offer is accepted, viewing, collection and payment terms can be discussed and Agreed. Normally either a bank CHAPS transfer, bank draft or cash can be organised.

So, if you have a `genuine` Campervan. Motorhome, or Touring Caravan, (ideally with a documented service history) and you want a simple, safe method of `Disposal`, Simply click the link to visit the website: motorhomesboughtforcash.co.uk

Sell With Confidence, Not Fear.