16 April 2009

Far and Wide

Mary and Michael were delighted to take delivery of their new Carioca 694 `low-profile` motorhome, at home this week.

And as home is in Llandaff, Cardiff, TC Motorhomes have proved that distance really is `no object` ... delivering it from Broadstairs, ( location for TC Motorhomes ) to the home address, and bringing away the part exchange vehicle.

The Carioca 694 , which replaces Mike`s Autoroller 700 ( a larger family style van ) has a fixed bed and forward lounge, and for Mary and Michael seems a more `sensible` layout.
Mike confirmed that the novelty of making up beds, or indeed sleeping over the cab, had `worn off` and that he and Mary were looking forward to using their new motorhome, and being able to sleep at `ground` level !!

The Carioca 694 Low-Profile has a 2.3 JTD engine producing 130 bhp, with a 6 x speed gearbox. With the standard cruise control, its a pleasure to drive at speed on the motorways, or more leisurely through the lanes.

For more information about the Caravans International range of motorhomes, please contact Shane Catterick on : 01843:860099, or visit our web-site :: www.tcmotorhomes.com